2061.0 Health Disparities and Violence Epidemiology Poster Session

Sunday, November 8, 2009: 4:30 PM

Board 1
Board 3
Childhood Violence and Long-term Consequences among Urban Pregnant Women
Deborah Nelson, PhD, Lori Usher-Pines, PhD, Stephanie Staples, MPH and Jeanne Ann Grisso, MD, MSCE
Board 4
Risk of occupational violence among school educators with histories of occupational and other violence: A case-control study
Nancy M. Nachreiner, PhD, MPH, Susan G. Gerberich, PhD, Andrew D. Ryan, MS, Sibel Erkal, PhD, Timothy R. Church, PhD, Steven J. Mongin, MS, Mindy S. Geisser, MS, Gavin D. Watt, BS, Denise M. Feda, PhD and Starr K. Sage, PhD, MPH
Board 5
Demographic and occupational characteristics associated with workplace victimization and reporting practices
Sarah L. Veele-Brice, MPH, PHC, Thomas M. Wickizer, PhD, MPH, Clarence Spigner, DrPH and Diane P. Martin, MA, PhD
Board 6
Inflicted Traumatic Brain Injury (ITBI) in Children Older than 1yr of age: An Emerging Concern
Rachel Pardes Berger, MD, MPH, Janet Fromkin, MD, Patrick Kochanek, MD, Janet Squires, MD, Thomas J. Songer, PhD, MSc, Mark Dias, MD, Monique Higginbotham, MD and Anthony Fabio, PhD
Board 7
Effects of education on Gender-Based Violence in Egypt
Amany H. Refaat, PhD and John Simister
Board 8
Detailed Knowledge of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study: Lack of knowledge reveals educational opportunity
Lin Li, DDS, MS, B. Lee Green, PhD, Min Qi Wang, PhD, Rima Gluzman, DDS and Ralph V. Katz, DMD, MPH, PhD
Board 9
Health Disparities in Health Status Across the Life Course
Christine Unson, Dr, Mehreen Sheikh, MPH and Bernard Agaba
Board 10
Trends in infant mortality in American Indians and Alaska Natives
Patrik Johansson, MD, MPH, Weston Owen Williams, MHS, Hala Nsouli and Ayman El-Mohandes, MD, MBBCh, MPH

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