3009.0 Utilizing the Advanced Tools of QI To Solve Problems – Understanding the Challenges Public Health Organizations Will Face in 2010

Monday, November 9, 2009: 8:30 AM
Panel Discussion
“For every complex question there is a simple answer---and it is usually wrong,” stated Lao Tse, a Chinese philosopher. When public health professionals are confronted with complex community health or organizational issues/problems, they need to be able to analyze a lot of information quickly and efficiently to make the best possible decisions to solve the issues/problems. The Advanced Quality Improvement Tools will help you to synthesize lots of information, identify the critical pieces to focus on, and guide you in your decision making process. When these Advanced Quality Improvement Tools are used in a defined sequence they form a dynamic decision making process that continually synthesizes information, refines and focuses the issue/problem, identifies the critical pieces, and narrows the scope and the approach to solve it successfully. Good decisions cause other good decisions to happen. The end result is better alignment, accountability, and performance within your public health organization. This highly interactive session “Challenges Public Health Organizations Face in 2010” will provide an opportunity for participants to explore and use some of the Advanced Quality Improvement Tools in a defined sequence on a real issue. Presenters and participants will develop some approaches and gain insights into the challenges that public health organizations will face in 2010. Session facilitators Ron Bialek and Jack Moran will facilitate use of the Advanced Quality Improvement Tools with session participants to help them gain insight into the issues they will face in 2010 and areas to focus on in order to provide solutions to their most pressing concerns.
Session Objectives: 1. Define the Advanced Quality Improvement Tools Decision Model 2. Explain how the use of the Advanced Quality Improvement Tools in a defined sequence make problem solving more focused and successful 3. Use two of the Advanced Quality Improvement Tools in a participative exercise.
Ron Bialek, MPP

8:30 AM
8:50 AM

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Organized by: APHA-Innovations Project