5151.0 Emerging Contaminants and Environmental Health

Wednesday, November 11, 2009: 12:30 PM
Approximately 100,000 chemicals are currently registered for use in the US, yet we know very little about their environmental fate, whether they are absorbed into our bodies, or whether they have an effect on our health. This session focuses on emerging contaminants, particularly ones associated with water. Over the past few years, legislatures, the media and the public focused heavily on emerging exposures, such as pharmaceuticals and personal care products in drinking water or bisphenol A (BPA) in baby bottles. Speakers will address (1) risk communication strategies, (2) models that predict which compounds will be present in drinking water, (3) a new exposure pathway for BPA (fish ingestion) and (4) microbial contamination of soap. Hopefully, the 20-minute discussion session will allow for a broad discussion of strategies to address emerging contaminants: research priorities, surveillance systems, policies, laws, communications etc.
Session Objectives: Describe risk communication for emerging contaminants associated with drinking water. List at least three pharmaceutical compounds predicted to be present in drinking water over the next 20 years. Describe two specific emerging exposure risks: ingestion of BPA-contaminated fish and use of microbial-contaminated soaps.
Megan Weil Latshaw, PhD, MHS
Megan Weil Latshaw, PhD, MHS

12:30 PM
Emerging Contaminant Risk Communication: Water Utilities and the Public Health Community
Gary A. Burlingame, MS in Envir Sci and Lisa J. Ragain, MAT
12:48 PM
Expert judgment of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs present in recycled water for indirect potable reuse
Louisa Flander, Ph D, Andew Speirs-Bridge, BBSc (Hons), Fiona Fidler, PhD, Marissa McBride, BSc (Hons), Mark Burgman, PhD, Peter Fox, PhD, Grant Skrepnek, PhD, Jeffrey Soller, MS and Margaret H. Nellor, MS
1:06 PM
A revised Aquatic Hazard Assessment of Bisphenol A: Evidence that current risk models may not be sufficiently protective
Maxine Wright-Walters, PhD, Conrad Volz, DrPH, MPH, Evelyn O. Talbott, DrPH, MPH and Devra Lee Davis, PhD, MPH
1:24 PM
Open refillable bulk soap dispensers in public restrooms: A public health risk?
Carrie A. Zapka, MS, Sheri L. Maxwell, Jennifer L. Cadnum, BS, David R. Macinga, PhD, Curtis J. Donskey, MD, Michael J. Dolan, BS and Charles P. Gerba, PhD

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CE Credits: Medical (CME), Health Education (CHES), Nursing (CNE), Public Health (CPH)

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