4265.0 Water under the Bridge? When will public health address the upstream issues of resource depletion and ecological crises?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 2:30 PM
Panel Discussion
Since 2003 the UKPHA –whose three main missions are combating health inequalities, challenging anti-health forces and promoting sustainable development– has been working towards a recognition of the pressing need for a new concept of and practice of Public Health. This has involved working with major partners to develop awareness and action, including exploring the opportunities offered by the UKPHA Annual Public Health Forum. To take forward this thinking and action the UKPHA brought together key associate organisations to work on the development and implementation of a vision for public health, which genuinely crosses the boundaries between the social, economic and environmental components of good health and which includes:  an expert national Think Tank  National Symposium focused upon developing a programme of action  the implementation of a programme of public health workforce development The Programme of Action is based upon The urgent need to reduce carbon footprints and to alert governments and the public about the impacts of climate change and global environmental degradation on human and planetary health by developing: • Campaigns and advocacy across the public health community focusing upwards, laterally and towards the public; spreading ideas, knowledge and identifying meaningful action. • Networks of knowledge-sharing and action linking the local, regional, national, European and international spheres of influence, and which amplify and radiate groundswells of energy and influence through political and community spheres. The principles underlying the programme of action are: • A concept of Public Health based on the ecology of the planet and the ecology of human society. • A rebalancing of the relationship between community, environment and individuals. • Achieving a quality of governance at all levels reflecting the above principles and working in partnership with communities to generate systems of decision-making and implementation that will deliver joined-up thinking and action across all spheres and levels.
Session Objectives: This session will: 1. Describe the impacts of unsustainable development on human health 2. Demonstrate the health co-benefits of a carbon reduction based economy 3. Define the characteristics of a public health workforce who will lead the way in combating and alleviating the impacts of climate change and unsustainable development on the health of populations

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