3383.1 Health Informatics Information Technology Posters 2

Monday, November 9, 2009: 4:30 PM
This poster session will examine an array of IT applications through the lens of data collection and government regulations. Actionable data and user-friendly regulation at any level of government ensures the flexibility necessary for society to benefit from the multiple applications of Health IT.
Session Objectives: *Identify the best way to reduce the cost of data collection *Demonstrate use of information technology in dam management to prevent floods and consequent risk to public health

Board 1
State Regulations in Health Information Disclosure: Examining the Interoperability of Health Information Exchange Across States
Mendbayar Nyamsuren, MD, MHA, Ann F. Chou, PhD, MPH, Robert C. Wild, MS, Katrina Claiborne Garcia, BS, MPH, Ann Idell Kruckeberg, BS, MPH and Steven Mattachione, JD
Board 3
Harmonization of Electronic Laboratory Reporting Systems (ELRS): Engaging National and International Partners Towards Development and Implementation of Harmonized Standards
Nikolay Lipskiy, PhD, Scott J. N. McNabb, PhD, Tadesse Wuhib, MD, Susan Katz, MPH, Anna Grigoryan, MD, MS and Jerome Tokars, MD, MPH
Board 4
Database and tools for the investigation of climate-mediated human disease
Jan Ihmels, PhD, Mark S. Smith, MD, Alexey Kontsevoy, Craig Feied, MD, Jonathan Handler, MD, David Roseman, MHA, Andrea Valenta, MSN, Michael Gillam, MD and Dennis Fantin, PhD
Board 6
Incorporating quality indicators in electronic health record development
Olajumoke "Jumy" Adekeye, BA, Danielle Ward, MPH and Nancy Rudner, DrPH, NP, RN
Board 7
Perspectives of Family Physicians on Computer-assisted Screening for Psychosocial Risks
Farah Ahmad, MBBS, MPH, PhD, Harvey A. Skinner, PhD, CPsych, Donna E. Stewart, MD, FRCPC and Wendy Levinson, MD

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