2036.1 Transportation-Related Injury Posters

Sunday, November 8, 2009: 2:30 PM
Participants at this poster session will learn about various transportation-related injury topics including those related to motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, pedestrians, and risky driving. The epidemiology of various injuries will be shown, and efforts to prevent transportation-related injuries will also be presented.
Session Objectives: 1. Describe the distribution and determinants of at least three difference transportation-related injury topics. 2. Differentiate between domestic and global challenges to studying and prevention transportation-related injuries. 3. Identify specific risks and challenges related to helmet use and motorcycle-related injury prevention.

Board 1
Motorcycle helmet use in fatal crashes among US riders ages 15-20, 1997-2007
Mary Fales, MPH, Alison L. Peaper, MPH, MSc, Gregory Steele, DrPH,MPH and Joseph O'Neil, MD
Board 2
Board 3
Predictors of helmet use behaviors among San Francisco Bay Area motorcyclists
Thomas M. Rice, MPH, PhD, Casey Tsui, MPH and Swati Pande
Board 4
Conduct disorder and sleep deficit as risk factors for risky driving behaviors and problematic alcohol use
Jamison D. Fargo, PhD, Michael Lyons, MD and Marilyn S. Sommers, PhD
Board 7
Screening for Risky Driving Practices in an Urban Emergency Department
Marilyn S. Sommers, PhD, Michael Lyons, MD and Jamison D. Fargo, PhD
Board 9
PHOTOVOICE: Children's Perspectives on Road Safety in Seven Countries
Sally Williams, MPH and Moira P. Donahue, MBA

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services