4159.0 Understanding and Preventing Injuries Among Vulnerable Populations Posters

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: 12:30 PM
The purpose of this session is to provide participants with information about the many ways in which injury affects vulnerable populations. In this session, vulnerable populations include the very young, old, and Medicaid beneficiaries, among others. The session is important because it provides information about groups of people whose injury risk may not be well understood, and for which there are real opportunities for effective intervention.
Session Objectives: 1. Name three vulnerable groups and an injury that affects each one. 2. Describe two ways in which age differentially affects injury risk. 3. Identify three strategies for reducing injury risk among vulnerable populations.

Board 1
Characteristics of young children with inappropriate ED visits for a poisoning exposure
S. David Baker, PharmD, DABAT, Marcel Casavant, MD FACEP FACMT and Barbara J. Polivka, PhD, RN
Board 4
Assessing the validity of self-reported injury history among U.S. military personnel
Mita Lovalekar, MBBS, PhD, MPH, John P. Abt, PhD, ATC, Timothy C. Sell, PhD, PT, Scott M. Lephart, PhD, ATC, Karen Keenan, MS, ATC, Anthony John House, MS, ATC, Anthony C. Zimmer, ATC and Greg D. Hovey, MS, CSCS
Board 6
Social support patterns of collegiate athletes before and after injury
Jingzhen Yang, PhD, MPH, Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD, MPH, John B. Lowe, DrPH,FAHPA,FAAHB and Erin O. Heiden, MPH
Board 8
TBI prevalence, service utilization and costs among Medicaid beneficiaries in Michigan
Cheribeth U. Tan-Schriner, PhD, Clare Tanner, PhD and Debera H. Eggleston, MD
Board 9
Active Surveillance and Analysis of Fatal Falls among Older Adults in New York City
Michelle S. Glaser, MPH and Laura DiGrande, DrPH, MPH
Board 10
Pedestrian fatalities among the elderly: Controlling for exposure
Katherine Hempstead, PhD and Loretta Kelly, MS

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Endorsed by: Social Work