2023.0 Vaccination and infectious disease epidemiology poster session

Sunday, November 7, 2010: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Board 2
APACHE system consistently under-predicts ICU length of stay for persons with severe sepsis
Sharmila Chatterjee, MBBS, DNB(I) and Amit Chattopadhyay, PhD, FFPH-RCPUK, MPH, CPH, MDS, BDS, DipGlobalEthics, GCertID, GCertPHO, DipJourn, DcFM, MSASMS, MACEDiplomate: American Nationa
Board 3
Leveraging electronic medical records in the surveillance of surgical site infections in a total joint replacement population
Maria Inacio, MS, Elizabeth Paxton, MA, Yuexin Chen, BS, Jessica Harris, MS, Enid Eck, RN, MPH, Sue Barnes, RN, BSN, CIC and Robert Namba, MD
Board 4
Determinants of Hepatitis B vaccination amoung adults in the United States: NHANES 1999-2006
Conschetta Wright, RN, MPH and Richard Sterling, MD, MSc, FACP, FACG
Board 6
Board 7
Hepatitis B Vaccination Among High-Risk Adults in the United States
Jacqueline Avery, MPH, Kathleen Koechlin, PhD, MPH, RN, Mila Verdugo, MPH and Hope King, MSPH
Board 8
Aggressive HIV Testing: A NYC public healthcare system-wide initiative
Consuelo U. Dungca, EdD, RN and Juliet Gaengan, RN, MSA
Board 9
Multifaceted Faces of A Local Mumps Outbreak
Elquemedo Oscar Alleyne, MPH, Anil Vaidian, MD, MPH, Tatiana Dolinsky, Maria Souto and Joan Facelle, MD, MPH

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