3261.0 Health Promotion for Older Adults

Monday, November 8, 2010: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Board 1
Aging well in ethnically diverse community settings
Merlita Compton, MPH, Michiyo Tomioka, MS and Josie Sagisi
Board 2
Improving Access to Care of Vulnerable Elders - The Role Of Community Health Workers in Transitions of Care
Marcella Scaccia, MD, Paul Beach, MD, Jose A. Lopez, MD, Romelia Rodriguez and Douglas Reich, MD
Board 4
Sources of Social Support for Active Seniors Attending Health Promotion Day Program
Dionne C. Godette, PhD, Diadrey-Anne Sealy and Elayne Hunter
Board 5
Home Based Primary Care (HBPC) Community Health Workers (CHW) as Promotors of Health in Aging
Marcella Scaccia, MD, Paul Beach, MD, Jose A. Lopez, MD, Romelia Rodriguez and Douglas Reich, MD
Board 6
Social Capital and the Baltimore Experience Corps Trial: Results from recruitment through gospel radio
Erwin J. Tan, MD, Elizabeth K. Tanner, RN PhD, Kevin D. Frick, PhD, Tao Wang, PhD Candidate, George W. Rebok, MA PhD, Teresa E. Seeman, PhD, Qilu Yu, PhD, Qian Li Xue, PhD, Michelle C. Carlson, PhD, Judy Green, Sylvia McGill and Linda P. Fried, MD MPH
Board 7
From research to practice: Developing a marketing program to promote balance classes for older adults
Carolyn DiGuiseppi, MD, MPH, PhD, Lauren Clark, RN, PhD, Sallie Thoreson, MS, Cynthia Goss, MA, Lorena Zimmer and Mark Marosits, MSHA
Board 8
Are patients falling through the cracks of fall prevention?
Holly Shipp, MPH and Kristen D. Smith, MPH
Board 9
Health Promotion in Older Adults: Effectiveness of Community-Based Screening
Philip Greiner, DNSc, RN, Lydia Greiner, MSN, APRN and Kathleen Lovanio, MSN, APRN
Board 10
Health beliefs & attitudes on screening and intent to share family health history based on level of familial risk for heart disease and stroke among physically active seniors
M. Lelinneth Novilla, MD, MPH, Carl Hanson, PhD, CHES, Michael D. Barnes, PhD, CHES, Steven Heiner, PhD, Dennis Eggett, PhD, Ryan Lindsay, MPH, Ronald Stephen Doria, Douglas Clark and Cynthia Penaflor

See individual abstracts for presenting author's disclosure statement and author's information.

Organized by: Gerontological Health (newly approved name Aging & Public Health)
Endorsed by: Social Work