4324.0 Poster Session 2: Social Justice in International Health

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
This Poster Session involves Social Justice in International Health.
Session Objectives: * Describe cultural practices surrounding water use. * Identify the rural health equity and prevalence rate of chronic diseases * Analyze the reasons for the slow movement of change regarding the dowry system in India.

Board 3
Diabetes among Palestinians in Israel: Reducing diabetes inequalities through community action research
Claudia Chaufan, MD, PhD, Kassim Baddarni, RN and Leslie Dubbin, RN, MS, Doctoral student in Health Policy
Board 4
Health, poverty and indigenous households: An empirical analysis of self rated health in Chile
Rachael Kane, MPH candidate and David Ader, PhD Candidate in Rural Sociology and Demography
Board 5
Health equity and social justice in the rural areas of China
Zhaokang Yuan, MPH and Xiaoxing He, MD, MPH
Board 6
Experiences with Cardiovascular Risk Management in Dakar, Senegal West Africa
Rhonda Belue, PhD, Titilayo A. Okoror, PhD, Fatou Ndao and Mor Diaw, MD
Board 7
Determination of origin of obstetric fistula in patients who seek treatment in Ebonyi, Nigeria
Sarah Miller, Mark Janko, Angie Bengtson, MA, Sunday Adeoye, MD, Randall Kuhn, PhD and Marilyn M. Williams, PhD
Board 10

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Endorsed by: Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, Social Work

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