4323.0 Latebreaking epidemiology poster session 1: Infectious disease and behavioral epidemiology

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Board 1
Evaluation of a public health surveillance system using emergency medical service logs--U.S. – Mexico Land Border, El Paso, Texas, 2009
Conschetta Wright, RN, MPH, Miguel Escobedo, MD, MPH, Daniel B. Fishbein, MD, Michelle Sandoval, MPH and Susan S. Reese, MPH
Board 2
Seasonal variation of potential bioterrorism-related incidents
Geroncio C. Fajardo, MD,MBA,MS(Bio),MS(Epi),TC(NRCC), Konrad Hayashi, MD, MPH & TM and Paula Rosenberg, BA
Board 4
Evaluating Georgetown University's 2009 H1N1 Influenza Syndromic Surveillance System
Ying Zhang, PhD Candidate, B Med Sc, Larissa May, MD and Michael A. Stoto, PhD
Board 6
Systematic review of chlamydia and gonorrhea screening in emergency departments
Wiley D. Jenkins, PhD, MPH, Regina Kovach, MD and Whitney Zahnd, BA, MPH
Board 7
Board 8
Alcohol use and sexual risk behaviors in a population-based sample of gay or bisexual men in San Francisco
Thomas M. Rice, MPH, PhD, Adam Carrico, MS, PhD, William Woods, PhD and Lance Pollack, PhD
Board 9
Condom Use Stages of Change among College Students in Taiwan
Wei-Chen Tung, PhD, RN, Minggen Lu, PhD and Daniel Cook, PhD
Board 10
Enhanced Surveillance for Severe Acute Respiratory Infections in Arizona
Orion McCotter, MPH, Ken Komatsu, MPH, Donna Wolk, PhD, Shoana Anderson, MPH, Maureen Fonseca-Ford, MPH, Laura Erhart, MPH, Mark Wright, MD, Sonia Montiel, QFB, Christine Cervantez-Young, BS, Benjamin J. Park, MD, Steven R. Machlin, MS, Selam Tecle, MPH, Robert Guerrero, MBA and Stephen H. Waterman, MD, MPH

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