4327.0 Poster Session 5: IH Programs & Policy

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
This Poster Session explores International Health Programs & Policy
Session Objectives: * Analyze the experience of the China medical team in Sudan. * Describe findings of baseline assessments in Malawi and Ethiopia, including supply chain strengths and weaknesses. * Describe trends in smoking behavior among youth in Suriname.

Board 1
China Medical Team in Sudan: A Descriptive Study
Kai Wang, Sarah Gimbel-Sherr, MPH, Elfatih Malik, MD, Sarah Hassan, Julia Robinson, MPH MSW and Amy Hagopian, PhD
Board 2
Using baseline assessments in Malawi and Ethiopia to identify innovative supply chain interventions for improving product availability for community case management
Tim Williams, MA, MEM, Sarah Andersson, B Phar , MPH, Yasmin Chandani, Barbara Felling, Alexis Heaton, Megan Noel, Michelle Pahl and Greg Roche
Board 3
Smoking among youth in Suriname
Dominique Meekers, PhD, Paul Hutchinson, PhD and Katherine Andrinopoulos, PhD
Board 4
Reducing inequities in access and use of family planning in Latin America and the Caribbean
Dana G. Aronovich, MHS, Nora Quesada, Wendy Abramson, MPH, Juan Agudelo, Sonia Anderson, Carolina Arauz, Nadia Olson and Anabella Sanchez
Board 6
Clubfoot treatment model for developing countries
Amy Patsch, MPH, CHES and E. Andrew Mayo, CCW Executive Director
Board 7
Building sustainable research capacity in Ghana by focusing on junior researchers: The first steps of the Ghana-Michigan CHARTER
Cheryl Moyer, MPH, Cyril M. Engmann, MD FAAP, Megan Narasimhan, MPH, Nadia Tagoe, MS, Susan Kouassi, PhD, Richard Adanu, MBChB, MPH, Tsiri Agbenyega, MBChB, PhD and Thomas Robins
Board 8
Health of Romani children in Eastern Europe: A conceptual framework
Gergana Kodjebacheva, PhD, MA and Siyka Bozukova, BS
Board 10
Connecting gender norms and sexual behavior among Indigienous people of the Peruvian jungle region: Improving HIV/AIDS and STI prevention strategies
Emily Firman, MPH, MSW, Roberto Orellana, PhD, MPhil, MPH, MSW, Isaac Alva, MD, Sayda la Rosa Roca, MPH, Cesar Carcamo, MD, PhD and Patricia J. Garcia, MD, MPH

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