3157.0 Social justice imperative: Intimate partner violence and sexual assault

Monday, November 8, 2010: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
The effect of intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual assault (SA) on a woman's physical and mental well-being is well-established. However, there is limited research on the appropriate ways in which to both prevent and respond to IPV/SA. This session focuses on promising models of prevention and intervention.
Session Objectives: 1. Compare the effect of cultural norms on the incidence of rape and IPV as well as the related risk of suicide, homicide and poor health outcomes in developing countries and within different cultural groups in the United States. 2. Discuss 'Bystander Model' training of college students to prevent sexual violence on campus. 3. Identify partnership models of sexual violence and IPV prevention that provide screening and services directly to victim/survivors in the healthcare setting.

Board 1
Examining the association between rape and suicide attempts among urban, ethnically diverse adolescent females
Cindy Buchanan, PhD, Brian P. Daly, PhD, Dawn Eichen, MA and Clare Lenhart, MPH, CHES
Board 3
Board 4
Prevalence and Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence among HIV Voluntary Counseling and Testing Clients in Northern Tanzania
Malavika Prabhu, BS, Bariki Mchome, MD, Antipas Mtalo, Dafrosa Itemba, BA, Anna Mgonja, Florida Muro, MD, MPH, Jeffrey Wilkinson, MD, Jan Ostermann, PhD and Nathan Thielman, MD, MPH
Board 5
Intimate partner violence- A public health issue
Tamanna Tiwari, MPH candidate 2011, Anuj Suri, MPH candidate 2011, Liney Espinosa, MPH candidate 2011 and Susan Tierney, Clinic Assistant Professor Orthodontics
Board 6
Risk of intimate partner homicide and post-traumatic stress disorder among victims of intimate partner violence
Abbie Tuller, Melissa Lin, MS, Robert Sage, PhD, Sascha Griffing, PhD and Lorraine Madry, DMin
Board 7
Role of verbal aggression in perceptions of intimate partner violence: A qualitative research study
Rennie Negron, MPH, Christina Zarcadoolas, PhD and Andrea Rothenberg, MS, LCSW
Board 8
Acculturation and intimate partner violence among Latinas
Blanca M. Ramos, PhD, Elizabeth Racine, DrPH, RD and Shanti Kulkarni, PhD, LCSW

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Organized by: APHA-Committee on Women's Rights
Endorsed by: Women's Caucus