Matthew Lee Smith, PhD, MPH, CHES

The University of Georgia, College of Public Health
Department of Health Promotion and Behavior
330 River Road
315 Ramsey Center
Athens, GA
USA 30302
2044.0 Snoring and obesity: Awareness and perceived severity of conditions related to obstructive sleep apnea among late adolescents
2056.0 Colorectal cancer screening practices among middle-aged and older adults
3279.0 Underreporting of Hypertension among Older Chinese Adults
3282.0 Correlates of chronic disease and patient-provider discussions among middle-aged and older adult males: Associations with sexual dysfunction
3305.0 Health and Healthcare Utilization Correlates among Baby Boomers and Seniors: Factors Associated with Obesity and Diabetes
3401.0 Promoting Healthy Environments for Latino Children Living in Border Colonias: Community Perspectives of Needed Policy Actions
4174.0 Temporal Nature of Health Risk Assessment: Lessons from College Students' Perceptions of Heart Disease Susceptibility
4266.0 Perceived Risk of Developing Diabetes Among College Students: Beliefs about Inherited and Behavioral Risk Factors Across the Life Course