Justin Dickerson, MBA

Texas A&M Health Science Center, School of Rural Public Health
Department of Health Policy & Management
1266 TAMU
College Station, TX
USA 77843
Email: dickerson@srph.tamhsc.edu

2044.0 Snoring and obesity: Awareness and perceived severity of conditions related to obstructive sleep apnea among late adolescents
3282.0 Correlates of chronic disease and patient-provider discussions among middle-aged and older adult males: Associations with sexual dysfunction
3305.0 Health and Healthcare Utilization Correlates among Baby Boomers and Seniors: Factors Associated with Obesity and Diabetes
4174.0 Temporal Nature of Health Risk Assessment: Lessons from College Students' Perceptions of Heart Disease Susceptibility
4266.0 Perceived Risk of Developing Diabetes Among College Students: Beliefs about Inherited and Behavioral Risk Factors Across the Life Course