Adannaa Oparanozie, MPH, CHES

Emory University
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education
1518 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA
USA 30322

3291.0 Liquid Courage: Heavy Drinking and Risky Sexual Behavior among Young Heterosexual African-American Men
4114.0 Correlates of concurrency among black heterosexual men
4138.0 Association between being influenced by music videos and African American men's attitudes and sexual behavior toward African American women
4171.0 Do actions speak louder than words? An exploratory look at the relationship between condom use practices, personal responsibility, and pregnancy desire among African-American men
4361.0 Is what I watch related to what I do? Preliminary findings of exposure to X-rated movies and risky sexual behaviors
4361.0 Valiant Video Vixens: An Exploratory Examination of the Impact that Negative Portrayal of Women in Rap Videos Have on Black Males' Health