5161.0 The importance of community involvement in research

Wednesday, November 2, 2011: 12:30 PM
Many academic- community partnerships are faced with challenges, aggressive timelines and misaligned priorities. Achieving the balance between community stakeholders and academic researchers is a unique process that requires trust- building, mutual benefits and shared interests. The purpose of this session is to discuss and describe the importance of community involvement in all phases of CBPR. Panelists will provide their expertise, thoughtful insights and key findings on community engagement, community organization, partnership models and evaluation methods with a placed emphasis on community involvement.
Session Objectives: Demonstrate the importance of community involvement in community- based public health initiatives Describe the approaches used to engage community partners, harness partnership synergy, develop community- driven research projects and generate culturally appropriate findings Identify effective strategies to develop a comprehensive approach that engages community members, key government leaders and health professionals to address identified concerns and develop culturally appropriate solutions

12:30 PM
“C” word: Challenges and considerations in implementing a youth HIV/AIDS prevention curriculum in the context of the Black Church
Alexandra Lightfoot, EdD, Linda Riggins, BA, Melvin Jackson, MSPH, Briana Woods, PhD, Kimberly Brodie, PhD, CHES, Phyllis Gray, MPH, Kathleen Krieger, BA and Lucille Webb, MEd
1:15 PM
Creating and Supporting New Collaborative Partnerships for Public Health Research in Detroit: Examining the Role of a Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) Partnership - the Detroit Community-Academic Urban Research Center (URC)
Robert McGranaghan, MPH, Barbara A. Israel, DrPH, Richard Lichtenstein, PhD, Ricardo Guzman, MSW, MPH, Zachary Rowe, BBA, LaNeice Jones, Crystal White, Julia Weinert, MPH, Angela Reyes, MPH, William Ridella, MPH, Amy J. Schulz, PhD, Sharon Sand, MPP, Gloria Palmisano, BS, MA, Edith Kieffer, PhD, Toby Lewis, MD, Ashley O'Toole, MPH/MSW and Chris M. Coombe, PhD, MPH
1:30 PM
A participatory model to implement a community wide health assessment survey and build capacity among community residents
Barbara Baquero, PhD, MPH, Lisa R. Hoffman, MA, Lisa Cuestas, Daniella Cardenas, BA, John P. Elder, PhD, MPH and Guadalupe X. Ayala, PhD, MPH

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Organized by: Community-Based Public Health Caucus
Endorsed by: Ethics SPIG, HIV/AIDS, Socialist Caucus, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs