2080.0 Oral-Systemic Health Linkages and the Impact of Behavior

Sunday, October 30, 2011: 4:30 PM
Kathy Lituri, RDH, MPH

Board 1
HPV vaccine and oral cancer: Barriers to prevention among oral health providers
Ellen Daley, PhD, Rita DeBate, PhD, MPH, CHES, Christopher Wheldon, MSPH, MEd, Virginia J. Dodd, PhD, MPH, Sarah A. Smith, MPH, Hannah L. Helmy, MA, MPH, Hollie Jo Fuhrmann, MA, Cheryl Vamos, MPH and Karen Dyer, MA, MPH
Board 3
Oral Health and Pregnancy
Ankur Oswal, BDS, MPH(C), Khushbu Patel, BDS, MPH(C), Darlene L. Shearer, DrPh and Mary Christine Nagy, PhD
Board 4
Assessing Barriers to Community Pediatric Dental Needs
Samantha Couture, Elisabeth Anson, Aaron Burley, Katherine Irving, Stephen Morris, Darryl Whitney, Pam Fenimore, Jill Jemison and Jan K. Carney, MD MPH
Board 5
A study of the relationship between dental caries and childhood obesity
Debriell Grows, BS, Meharry Medical College, Michelle Bell, DDS and Chau-Kuang Chen, EDD
Board 6
Multi-disciplinary approach to wellness in Rhode Island
Joseph Boffa, DDS MPH, Mark Schwager, MD and Puneet Sud, MD
Board 7
Blood pressure and tobacco use screening: Overview of a pilot training program in Iowa dental practices
Bhagyashree Pendharkar, BDS, MS, Christopher A. Squier, PhD and Nancy Slach, RDH, Tobacco Treatment Specialist
Board 8
Oral Health Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors among College Students
Steven E. Shive, PHD, MPH and Aarthi Shanmugavel
Board 9

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