4364.0 Trade and the Health of Communities

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 4:30 PM
Just as the health of individuals is profoundly affected by the communities of which they are a part, both community and individual health are impacted by the larger sphere of international trade and trade policy. Trade and trade policy can affect and reshape community livelihoods, foodways, environments, and access to medicine and consumer goods, often with a profound impact on individual physical and mental health. At the same time, some communities—both local and “virtual”—have organized to address those aspects of trade that affect their health. In this session, we look at the intersections of community, individual, and international trade, and explore how their interactions affect public health at various levels.
Session Objectives: Identify various impacts of trade and trade policy on the health of individuals and communities. Understand potential advocacy and policy opportunities available to individuals and communities for improving the health impact of trade policies.

Board 4
Immigration reform to improve migrant farmworker health
Rebecca Meiksin, MPH, Laila Taji, MPH, Elana Mainer, MPH, Cassalyn David, MPH, Toby Keys, MPH, Jennifer Nguyen, MPH, Jordana Pickman, MPH and Xeno Acharya, MPH

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Organized by: Trade and Health Forum
Endorsed by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion, Public Health Nursing, Socialist Caucus, Community Health Planning and Policy Development

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