4256.0 Poster Session - Research & Data Analysis

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 2:30 PM
Cheryl Archbald, MD, MPH, FAAP

Board 1
A unified vision for healthy communities: Sustaining community health assessment (MAPP) through a larger community visioning process
Sonja Armbruster, MAC, Claudia Blackburn, MPH, RNC, CPM, Roderick Harris and Meghan Hampton
Board 2
Will a community based participatory research approach make us better prepared?
David Busolo, MPH, RN, Thelma Gamboa-Maldonado, DrPH (c), MPH, CHES, Biblia Kim, MPH(c), Walleska I. Bliss, MPH, MSW(c) and Susanne Montgomery, PhD, MPH, MS
Board 3
Using secondary data to monitor racial/ethnic minority health equity in Michigan: The Michigan Health Equity Data Project
Rebecca Coughlin, MPH, Denise C. Carty, MA, MS, Corey Ridings, MPH, Sheryl Weir, MPH and Violanda Grigorescu, MD, MSPH
Board 4
Health Needs Assessments to Improve Primary Care in a Diverse Northern Manhattan Community
MaryJo Fink, MD, Erin Ferenchick, MD, Ricardo Jimenez-Kimble, MD, Lama El-Zein, MD, Urmi Desai, MD, Inna Ryvkin, MD, Crissaris Sarnelli, David Rosenthal, PhD and Anita Softness, MD
Board 5
Development of a GIS framework for childhood obesity analysis
Ruth Steiner, PhD, Ilir Bejleri, PhD, Jeffrey Harman, PhD, Jennifer Cannon, MURP, Juna Papajorgji, ADJ lecturer, MURP, Russell Watkins, PhD, Jeff Roth, PhD, Nancy Hardt, MD and Anne Mathews, PhD, RD, LDN
Board 6
Assessing the accuracy of nutrition information on restaurant menus
Gabrielle Parkinson, MS candidate, Brenda Robles, MPH, Patricia Cummings, MPH, Gloria Kim, MPH, Lindsey Burbage, MPH, Obi Ogamba, REHS, Kenneth Murray, REHS, Margaret Shih, MD, PhD and Tony Kuo, MD, MSHS
Board 8
Youth Participatory Action Researchers (PAR) conduct community assessments and community health interventions
Mia Luluquisen, DrPH, MPH, RN, Korin Merle, Tammy Lee, MPH and Evette Brandon, MPH
Board 10
Engaging “frontline” Substance Abuse Treatment Center staff in integrating Rapid HIV Testing (RHT) into rural non-medical setting in the Mississippi Delta
Kathleen Ragsdale, PhD, Angela A. Robertson, PhD, Connie Baird-Thomas, PhD, Rebecca Read, MA and Jonelle Husain, MA

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Organized by: Community Health Planning and Policy Development