4250.0 Social Impacts and Societal Determinants of Substance Use Disorders

Tuesday, November 1, 2011: 2:30 PM

Board 1
Is there gender heterogeneity in stimulants use disorders in US?
Tulshi D. Saha, PhD, Bradley Kerridge, MA, S. Patricia Chou, PhD, W. June Ruan, MA and Attila J. Pulay, MD
Board 2
Relationship of Statewide Unemployment, Dual Diagnosis and Client Reported Unemployment to Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes in Nevada
Lawrence Greenfield, PhD, George E. Bigelow, PhD and William C. Bailey, Supervisor-Data Team
Board 4
Does Drug Availability and Social Disadvantage Drive Nonmedical Prescription Drug Use in Indiana
Eric R. Wright, PhD, Marion S. Greene, MPH and Harold Kooreman, MA
Board 5
Social context of homeless men's substance use
Harmony Rhoades, PhD, Suzanne Wenzel, PhD, Daniela Golinelli, PhD, Joan Tucker, PhD and Annie Jie Zhou, MS
Board 7
What role does current victimization play in relapse for drug-involved offenders?
Janine Zweig, PhD, Jennifer Yahner, MA and Shelli Rossman, MA
Board 8
Characteristics of housing, detention history and methamphetamine use among persons in drug treatment in California
Javier Lopez-Zetina, PhD, MA, Parisa Shams, MPH (c) and Bridget Rogala, MPH, CHES
Board 9
Alcohol and other drugs – NEW Strategies of Family HEALTH PROGRAM IN Vulnerable URBAN Communities IN Rio DE Janeiro
Fabiana Gaspar, ONG VIVA RIO, Pedro Vicent Bittencourt, ONG VIVA RIO, Ana Clara Telles Souza, ONG VIVA RIO, Rubem Cesar Fernandes, ONG VIVA RIO, Samantha França, ONG VIVA RIO and Fabiane Minozzo, ONG VIVA RIO
Board 10

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Endorsed by: Mental Health, Caucus on Homelessness