5170.0 In your 'neck of the woods': Associations between neighborhood characteristics and health

Wednesday, November 2, 2011: 12:30 PM
The places that we go and and ways we get there influence our health in many different ways. Some effects on health are direct. For example, automobile emissions contribute to several diseases while active transport through bicycling has several health benefits. Important relationships can be less direct. For example, perceptions of levels of safety from violence can affect outdoor physical activity, and reduced levels of outdoor physical activity can adversely affect health. In this session, researchers present four approaches to the study of relationships between community environmental factors and health. The four papers address this broad topic using different methods and paradigms but the session as a whole will illustrate the diversity of approaches currently being used to study these issues. During the discussion period, speakers and participants will have an opportunity to identify productive directions for future research and policy or intervention actions.
Session Objectives: 1. Identify three ways that community factors can adversely affect health. 2. Identify three ways that community factors can positively affect health. 3. Discuss the value of addressing direct v. indirect causes of health effects at the community level.
Amy D. Kyle, PhD MPH
Amy D. Kyle, PhD MPH and Robert Laumbach, MD, MPH

Welcoming Remarks Amy D. Kyle, PhD MPH
1:09 PM
Neighborhood and 1-Year Weight-Related Factors in the Look AHEAD Study
Tiffany Gary-Webb, PhD, Alejandro Castro, MPH, Kesha Baptiste-Roberts, PhD, MPH, Jacqueline Wesche-Thobaben, Jennifer Patricio, Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, LaShonda Jones, PhD, James Hill, PhD, Monika Safford, MD, Mara Vitolins, DrPH and Frederick Brancati, MD, MHS
1:27 PM
Neighborhood Safety and Children's Physical Activity, Inactivity, and BMI
Ashlesha Datar, Nancy Nicosia, PhD and Victoria Shier
Concluding Remarks

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