2056.1 Health Care For Special Population and Special Circumstances

Sunday, October 30, 2011: 4:30 PM

Board 1
“Everything is on the computer”: Understanding perceptions from an ethnically diverse sample of older adults
Selamawit Girma, BS, Christine Motzkus-Feagans, MPH, Roberta Goldman, PhD, Brian Quilliam, PhD and Kate L. Lapane, PhD
Board 3
Considering Home Health Care Providers and Nurses as Partners in the Prevention of Foodborne Illnesses among Older Adults
Kelly Wohlgenant, MS, Sheryl C. Cates, BA, Sandria L. Godwin, PhD, RD and Leslie D. Speller-Henderson, MS
Board 4
Pain and functioning in persons with post-polio syndrome (PPS): Independent effects on functioning
Kevin Alschuler, PhD, Aimee Verrall, MPH, Mark Jensen, PhD, Amanda E. Smith, BS and Ivan Molton, PhD
Board 5
Health outcomes of medication adherence and persistence among elderly ACE/ARB users
Jian Ding, PhD, Debra A. Heller, PhD, Frank M. Ahern, PhD and Theresa V. Brown, MPA
Board 6
Is Rural America Equipped to Care for Those in Need of Home Health Care
Samuel Towne, MPH, CPH, Janice C. Probst, PhD, Jordan Mitchell, MBA and Zhimin Chen, MS
Board 7
Fracture outcome of non-adherence to osteoporosis medications among older women
Frank M. Ahern, PhD, Jian Ding, PhD, Debra A. Heller, PhD and Theresa V. Brown, MPA
Board 9
Communicating about medications: Perceptions of racial/ethnically diverse community dwelling older adults
Christine Motzkus-Feagans, MPH, Selamawit Girma, BS, Roberta Goldman, PhD, Brian Quilliam, PhD, Anne L. Hume, PharmD, FCCP, BC, Charles B. Eaton, MD and Kate L. Lapane, PhD
Board 10

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