Andrzej Wojtyla, MD PhD

Institute of Agricultural Medicine Lublin
2 Jaczewskiego Street
Lublin Poland

2036.0 Infection epidemiology in hospitals; Status of the current surveillance system in Poland following checks made by the State Sanitary Inspectorate (SSI)
4125.0 Role of Polish Public Health & EU authorities in introducing GMO products into the environment/market
4158.0 Epidemiological studies on Polish women and tobacco smoking behaviour during their reproductive years and pregnancy in relation the Developmental Origin of Health and Diseases hypothesis
4170.1 An epidemiological survey to determine the scale and serious public health risk of designer drug (DD) abuse in Polish schoolchildren and students
5021.0 Influence of women performing physical activity during pregnancy on newborn health in Poland
5023.0 A nationwide assessment of physical activity in Polish women during their reproductive years and during pregnancy
5024.0 Influence of anaemia during pregnancy on the health status of the newborn