Kathleen M. Roe, DrPH, MPH

San Jose State University
Health Science Department
One Washington Square MH 407
San Jose, CA
USA 95192--0052

2049.0 Salud Familiar en McKinley: Culture and language concerns and strategies of a unique and sustainable community-university partnership to promote health equity and community resilience
3068.0 Economy of abundance: Finding sustainable ways to support school health even when times are tough
3268.0 Salud Familiar en McKinley: A Unique Community-University Partnership between a Diverse University's Public Health Program and the Local Immigrant Elementary School
3334.0 It's just two miles away - what's the problem? Measuring the food environment and access realities in a low-income community
3400.0 Prevention strategies and structural changes that matter: Insights into food insecurity and the informal food system from Comida Casera, a project of Salud Familiar en McKinley
3408.0 Comida Casera: Influencing the Informal Food System of an Elementary School and Community
4181.0 Seedlings and culture tables: Telling essential stories through new technologies for teaching and learning
5116.0 Comida Casera's strategies for enhancing availability, affordability, accessibility, and preference for fresh and healthy food options in a low income, food desert community