3386.0 Across the Drug Spectrum: From Research to Evaluation to Integration

Monday, October 29, 2012: 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Linda Joy Frazier, MA, RN, MCHES

Board 1
Consumer participation in the development of a manualized behavioral treatment for chronic pain in a methadone population
Kristen Rosen, MPH, Elise Marino, Michael Fitzpatrick and Jennifer Potter, PhD
Board 2
Factors that contribute to participation in clinical trials
Lynn Kunkel, MS, CCRP, Aisha Kudura, MPH, Dennis McCarty, PhD and Michele Straus, RPh, MS
Board 3
Translating population-based smoke-free policy concerns into a pair-based tobacco cessation intervention: A multi-staged formative approach for developing a novel intervention
Elisa Tong, MD, Debora A. Paterniti, PhD, Lei-Chun Fung, MPH, MSW, Moon S. Chen, PhD, MPH, Leonard Tam, Carrie Tang, Chin-Shang Li, PhD and Janice Tsoh, PhD
Board 4
Drug Treatment Outcomes Using the Matrix Model in an Outpatient Setting with Minority Clients
Grace L. Reynolds, DPA, Bridget Rogala, MPH, MCHES and Dennis G. Fisher, PhD
Board 8
How the news media frames the debate over alcohol taxes
Samantha Cukier, MBA, MA, Rebecca Reynolds-Ramirez, MPH, Katherine Clegg Smith, PhD and David H. Jernigan, PhD
Board 9
Using multiple recruiting sources to reach untapped segments of the recovery community in research
Alexandre Laudet, PhD, Lee Ann Kaskutas, DrPH, Thomassina Borkman, PhD, Lois Ritter, PhD and M.N. Subbaraman

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Organized by: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs