Online Program

Best practices in research, public health interventions, and services for vulnerable Latino populations

Monday, November 4, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Board 1
Revisiting the hispanic health paradox: The relative contributions of nativity, country of origin, and race/ethnicity to childhood asthma   
Marlene Camacho-Rivera, ScD, MPH, Ichiro Kawachi, MD, PhD, Gary Bennett, PhD and SV Subramanian, PhD
Board 2
Influence of discrimination within an anti-immigrant sociopolitical context on cumulative biological risk for latinos in detroit, MI   
Alana M.W. LeBron, PhD, MS, Angela G. Reyes, MPH, Amy J. Schulz, PhD, Cindy Gamboa and Graciela B. Mentz, PhD
Board 3
Everyday violence of immigration related ethno-racial profiling and mistreatment: A mixed methods approach to understanding immigration policy as a structural determinants of health   
Samantha Sabo, DrPH, MPH, Maia Ingram, MPH, Jill de Zapien, BA, Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS and Scott Carvajal, PhD, MPH
Board 4
Treatment retention, length of stay and outcomes implications for pregnant/postpartum Latinas in residential treatment   
Aileen Ochoa, BA, Hortensia Amaro, PhD, Rita Nieves, RN, MPH, LCSW, Kerith Conron, ScD, MPH, Lauren Dealy, BS and Marta Pagan-Ortiz, MS
Board 5
Cheaper by the immigrant: Would covering new immigrants from Mexico lower health costs and premiums?   
Jacqueline Angel, PhD, Kimberly Wilson, MPIA and H. Shelton Brown, PhD
Board 7
A mediational analysis of Latino youth violence   
Sean Cleary, PhD, MPH, Mark Edberg, PhD and Elizabeth Andrade, DrPH, MPH
Board 8
Results from the safer latinos project: A PILOT intervention addressing a social ecology of YOUTH violence in an immigrant Latino community   
Mark Edberg, PhD, MA, Sean Cleary, PhD, MPH, Elizabeth Andrade, DrPH, MPH and Luisa Montero, MS
Board 9
Latinos' willingness to participate in research: A national random survey   
Mary A. Garza, PhD, MPH, Sandra C. Quinn, PhD, Ruth E. Zambrana, PhD, Kevin H. Kim, PhD, Erica T. Casper, MA, James Butler, DrPH, MEd, Craig Fryer, DrPH, MPH and Stephen Thomas, PhD, FAAHB
Board 10
Latinas' perspectives and experiences on health and access to health care in the U.S.-Mexico border region   
Lisa Cacari-Stone, PhD, Luis Flores-Padilla, PhD PH, Silvia Sierra, MA, Elvira Pichardo-Delacour, PhD(c), Juana Trejo Franco, PhD and Anabel Canchola, BS

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Endorsed by: HIV/AIDS, Medical Care, Public Health Nursing, Cancer Forum, Caucus on Refugee and Immigrant Health

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