Online Program

The Role of Community Partners in Community-Based Public Health

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Community stakeholders play a vital role in developing, implementing, and sustaining health-promoting infrastructure, resources, and programs within communities. The purpose of this session is to emphasize the unique and critical role of community stakeholders in collaborative partnerships that have sought to improve community health and well-being. Presentations will showcase thoughtful and innovative community-driven efforts to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions, enhance access to and quality of health care, and engage in coalition building and research efforts to investigate and address health disparities.
Session Objectives: Discuss ways to engage and involve residents, planners, leaders, policymakers and decisionmakers in community public health related issues. Define how various community groups and health councils can collaborate to build capacity and strengthen efforts to advance health equity. Identify ways community-based participatory research (CBPR) can move from deficit and problem-focused inquiry toward asset and capability-focused research and practice. Discuss concrete strategies for activities that promote youth leadership and youth-led change efforts in schools and communities.

Table 1
Community and academic partnerships to train community responsive physicians   
Joseph Kiesler, MD, Nancy Elder, MD, Christopher White, MD, JD, Saundra Regan, PhD, Matthew Tubb, MD, Christina Busick, Jeff Jacobson, PhD, Doug Collins, MD and Chris Bernheisel, MD
Table 2
Resident-led research in public housing to determine health needs and implement health improvements   
Anne Marie O'Keefe, PhD, JD, Karen Settles, Kenneth Council, Julian Wilson, M.A., B. Michelle Harris, PhD, MPH, RD, Jeffrey Bingenheimer, MPH, PhD and Corey Henderson, MPA
Table 3
Engaging youth as peer leaders for promoting instant recess in schools and communities- using a CBPR approach   
Katie Richards-Schuster, PhD, Bridget Christian, MSW, Barry Checkoway, PhD, Karolina Rejniak, Abraham Aiyash, Lopez Davis, YazMyne Roberts, T'Asia Moore, Barbara Blum-Alexander, MPH, MSW, Jamila Stevens, MSW, Stacey Withers, BA, Dameon Wilburn, BA and Kimberlydawn Wisdom, MD, MS
Table 4
Residents, stakeholders and program planners: Walk, talk, decide and act together to create a healthier community   
Teina M. Phillips, MPA, Michael Delucca, MHM, Nicole Cook, PhD, MPA and T. Lucas Hollar, PhD
Table 5
Ohio's LOCAL conversations on ending health disparities   
Angela Dawson, M.S., MRC, LPC and Joann Mawasha, Psy.D.
Table 6
Vote & vax and community pharmacies: Promoting election day flu clinics   
Leonard Fensterheim, MPH, Douglas Shenson, MD MPH, Michael Taitel, PhD, Adam Cannon, MPH and Jason Rubin, RPh
Table 7
Brooklyn health disparities center: A case study in government, community/ academic partnership   
Marilyn A. Fraser-White, MD, Tracey E. Wilson, PhD, Humberto Brown, MA, Nicole Primus, MPA, Michael A. Joseph, PhD, MPH, Girardin Jean-Louis, PhD, Ferdinand Zizi, MBA, Pamela D. Straker, Ph.D., Clinton Brown, MD, Sandra Chapman, MPA, Dawn Morton-Rias, Ed.D., PA-C, Mark Stewart, MD, Ph.D., Moro Salifu, MD and Ruth C. Browne, ScD
Table 8
Using appreciative inquiry to engage community members in a health needs assessment   
Ellie Tinto-Poitier, Chatrian Kanger, MPH and Kevin Duff, MPH
Table 9
Resilience in American Indian community-based public health   
Nicolette Teufel-Shone, PhD, Priscilla Sanderson, PhD, CRC, Mark Bauer, PhD, Rebecca Drummond, MA and Julie Tippens, MA, MPH
Table 10
Role of community irbs and research review committees in ensuring the ethics and integrity of CBPR   
Sarena D. Seifer, MD, John Cooks, Elaine Drew, PhD, Elmer Freeman, MSW, PhD(c), Mei-Ling Isaacs, MPH, Alice Park, MPH, Lola Santos, Nancy Shore, PhD and Eric Wat, MA

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Organized by: Community-Based Public Health Caucus
Endorsed by: HIV/AIDS, Public Health Nursing, Men's Health Caucus, American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Caucus, Black Caucus of Health Workers