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Objecting to Objectification: How Girls are Portrayed in the Media (a special film festival session)

Monday, November 4, 2013: 2:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Film Showing
The ubiquitous and constant exposure of digital media upon young people, especially girls, has serious implications for how they view themselves,their opportunities and their behaviors. Media can create false expectations and “norms” while exposing youth to content and images that they are developmentally incapable of processing and placing them at risk. This is a new world that has caught most adults off-guard thereby leaving youth to fend for themselves without the skills and tools to do so. These young pioneers are learning some painful lessons along the way as they navigate "twitterverse" and other social media often unaware of the traps and consequences that lie ahead---This special session which features four films that raise awareness, call for action and ultimately move to empower girls (and boys) to combat this disturbing trend. Awareness and education is the key. Segments from all films will be viewed followed by a facilitated discussion with the presenters who have been intimately involved with the making of the films and creating the infrastructure and strategic partnerships to carry the message forward and the call for action. Questions from the audience expected as time permits.
Session Objectives: Demonstrate the power of visual media to raise awareness of public health issues and strengthen interventions List at least 4 films & support materials that can be used to raise awareness about the impact of media on girls Describe how digital media influences the attitudes, and risk behaviors of youth Describe how films can be utilized to promote and facilitate social awareness and change Identify efforts to influence positive change in media, advertising and fashion industries. Explain the expected benefits of a global initiative to educate girls List at least 4 ways participants can become involved in the campaigns/initiatives to promote youth and women.
Pamela Luna, DrPH, MST

Documentary title: Sexy Baby   

Jill Bauer, co-director & Producer and Ronna Gradus, director & producer
Stop objectification-Hey Baby & The Interviews   

Norma Kamali, American Fashion Designer & Creator of Stop Objectification campaign
Girl Rising-A Global Campaign to Educate Girls   

Christina Lowery, Project Director & Supervising Producer

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Organized by: APHA-Film Festival
Endorsed by: Public Health Education and Health Promotion, APHA-Student Assembly, School Health Education and Services, APHA Student Assembly

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