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Social/Behavior Epidemiology and Epidemiology of Health Disparities (Poster Session 4)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Board 1
Behavioral impact of poor birth outcomes on subsequent pregnancies: A study of Virginia PRAMS 2007-2010   
Sara Varner, BA, Saba Masho, MD, MPH, DrPH and Derek Chapman, PhD
Board 2
Board 3
Predicting Katrina effect on low birth weight in gulf coast based on hybrid model of PLS regression and GM (1, N)   
Chau-Kuang Chen, Ed.D., Patricia Matthews-Juarez, PhD, Aiping Yang, PhD and Colette Davis, M.S.
Board 5
Prevalence, association of depression and mental health service utilization among Hispanics in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama   
Ellen Agho, MPH, Gerri A. Cannon-Smith, MD, MPH, Azad R. Bhuiyan, MD, MPH, PhD, Sophia Leggett, PhD, MPH, Pamela McCoy, MS, MPH, Dr.PH and Maria Barvie, BA
Board 6
HIV/AIDS knowledge among senior secondary school students in Nigeria: A rural-urban difference   
Olabode Ayodele, MPH,Ph.D,CHES and Olagoke Ayodele, PhD
Board 8
Correlates of physicians' HPV vaccine recommendations for male patients: A national study   
Teri Malo, PhD, MPH, Anna Giuliano, PhD, Jessica Kahn, MD, MPH, Gregory Zimet, Ph.D., Ji-Hyun Lee, DrPH, Xiuhua Zhao, MPH and Susan Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH
Board 9
Perinatal cannabis use and maternal experiences of severe nausea during pregnancy in Hawaii   
Emily Roberson, PhD, MPH, Walter Patrick, MD MPH PHD and Eric L. Hurwitz, DC, PhD

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