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Cessation Interventions: From Quitlines to Systems Change

Tuesday, November 5, 2013: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Linda J Frazier, BS, MA, RN, MCHES

Board 1
Providing tobacco dependence treatment and counseling prior to medical school: Associations with tobacco knowledge, self-reported tobacco counseling skills and intentions   
Rui S. Xiao, MPH, Rashelle B. Hayes, PhD, Linda C. Churchill, MS, Denise Jolicoeur, MPH, CHES, Alan Geller, RN, MPH and Judith K. Ockene, PhD, MEd, MA
Board 2
Smoker and abstainer identities: Effects on smoking cessation self-efficacy and intentions   
Dina Shapiro, MPH, Emily Brennan, PhD, Ani Momjian, BA and Joseph N. Cappella, PhD
Board 3
Cessation rates for community health centers using electronic health records   
Sarah Shih, MPH, Jisung Cha, PhD, Sheryl Silfen, MD, Sung woo Lim, MS, DrPH, Sam Amirfar, MD, MPH and Jason Wang, PhD
Board 5
Key facilitators of tobacco cessation systems changes implementation in four Minnesota health systems   
Traci R Capesius, MPH, Amanda L Jansen, MPP, Paula A Keller, MPH, Randi Lachter, MPH and Dr Lija O Greenseid, PhD
Board 6
Using quit success information to improve programming   
Jennifer D. Keith, MPH, CPH, Nayan Ramirez, Jay Mast, Amy Clark, MPA and Kristin O. Minot, MS
Board 7
Tobacco cessation - systems change: Embedding tobacco cessation services in substance abuse and mental health treatment   
Linda Hurley, MA, CAGS, LCDCS, Thomas Rieser, MSE, CTTS-M, Dana McCants-Derisier, MS and Cynthia Roberts, PhD

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