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Community Approaches for Oral Health Promotion and Prevention

Monday, November 4, 2013: 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
Session Objectives: Discuss current research, policy and programs for effective community-based oral health promotion and prevention

Board 1
Factors influencing under-represented minorities interest into the dental profession   
Evelyn Lucas-Perry, DDS,MPH, Lauren S.B. Evans, Kim D'Abreu, MPH and Gwen Garrison, PhD
Board 3
Strategies for improving access in a school-linked dental program   
Robin N Miller, MPH (Candidate), RDH, BA, Martha WH Friedman, MPH, Garry Schaedel, MHS and Onolee LB Stephan, MPH, CHES
Board 4
Oral and systemic comorbidities—a community-based interdisciplinary team response   
Lyubov Slashcheva, DDS Candidate and Lynn VanderWielen, PhD, MPH
Board 5
Advise and refer: Disparities among patients receiving tobacco cessation advice from dentists   
Mariaelena Gonzalez, PhD, Ashley Sanders-Jackson, PhD, Kai-wen Cheng, PhD and Stanton A. Glantz, PhD
Board 6
Systematic screening and assessment of oral health workforce innovations   
Karen Cheung, MPH, Elizabeth Jacobs, MPH, Kari Cruz, MPH, Mary Ann Hall, MPH, Lisa Carver, MPH, Michelle Revels, MA and David M. Krol, MD, MPH, FAAP
Board 7
A New England community water fluoridation campaign: Using social marketing and community mobilization for policy change   
Jodie Silverman, MPA, Catherine Hayes, D.M.D., Dr.Med.Sc., Aleya Martin, MPH, Erin Tighe, MA, Craig Stevens, MPH, Beth Kane Kopp, MS and Maria Manuela Mendes, MS
Board 8
Creating a dental home through school based partnerships   
Holly Graham, RDH and Rhonique Harris, MD, MHA , FAAP
Board 9
From the ground up: Creating and implementing a oral health workforce development program for urban adolescents   
Uchenna Ndulue, MPH, CHES, Anthony Crosson, MSM, Temitope Meiyugun, DDS and Vijeta Limbekar
Board 10
Oral health and hygiene among preschool age children from migrant and seasonal farmworker families   
Sara A. Quandt, PhD, Cynthia Suerken, MS, Grisel Trejo, MPH, Thomas A. Arcury, PhD and Joseph G. Grzywacz, PhD

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