Online Program

Topics in Traumatic Brain Injury, Violence and Emergency Care

Wednesday, November 6, 2013: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Board 1
Examination of multiple injuries and comorbidities in persons hospitalized with traumatic brain injury using national-level data — United States, 2006–2010   
Christopher Taylor, PhD, Jeneita Bell, MD, MPH, Victor Coronado, MD, MPH, Juliet Haarbauer-Krupa, PhD, Michael Lionbarger, MPH, Lisa McGuire, PhD, Likang Xu, MD, MS and David Sugerman, MD, MPH
Board 2
Feasibility of implementing a pediatric emergency department based head injury prevention program   
Jingzhen Yang, PhD, MPH, Lorriane Odhiambo, MPH, Lauel Whitis, MPH and Vidya Chande, MD
Board 3
Clinical presentation patterns and settings for pediatric traumatic brain injury at one, large midwest children's hospital   
Christy Collins, Thomas Pommering, DO, Keith Yeates, PhD, Rebecca Andridge, PhD and R. Dawn Comstock, PhD
Board 4
Board 5
Ensuring workforce protection and continuity of mission operations: MCM program, DHS   
Ivan Zapata, MS, CHES, Ingrid Hope, RN, MSN and Joseph Kelly, MD, MPH
Board 6
Injury hospitalizations and associated costs between individuals with pre-existing quadriplegia versus paraplegia   
Erin O. Heiden, MPH, Jingzhen Yang, PhD, MPH, Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD, MPH, Richard K. Shields, PT, PhD, Marizen Ramirez, MPH, PhD and Shelly Campo, PhD
Board 8
Using EMS data to identify persons at high risk for violent injury: Implications for surveillance and intervention   
Amy Knowlton, MPH, ScD, Brian W. Weir, MPH, PhD, Gerald Cochran, MSW, PhD, Junette McWilliams, MPH, Andrea C. Gielen, ScD, ScM and Wade Gaasch, MD
Board 9
High, but varied, healthcare utilization by both victims and perpetrators of partner violence   
Catherine L. Kothari, MA, Rashmi Kothari, MD, Thomas Rohs, MD, Scott Davidson, MD, Carrie Klein, JD, Amy Koestner, MSN, Mican DeBoer, RN, Rita Cox, RN and Kim Kutzko, MPH
Board 10
Electronic follow up after an emergency department (ED) visit for pain: A pilot study   
Albert Yu, MS-1, Charlotte Lawson, MS-4, Melissa Rodgers, BA and Karin Rhodes, MD, MS

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Organized by: Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
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