142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition

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Poster Session I

142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition (November 15 - November 19, 2014): http://www.apha.org/events-and-meetings/annual
Monday, November 17, 2014: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Board 1
Graduation Trends in Public Health Over the Past Two Decades
Christine Plepys, MS, Emily Burke, MPH, CPH and Craig Blakely, PhD, MPH
Board 2
Building blocks for developing a practice based translational research education program
Heather Williamson, OT, MBA, Belinda-Rose Young, MSPH, CPH, Donna Burton, Ph.D., Tom Massey, PhD, Bruce Lubotsky Levin, DrPH and Julie Baldwin, PhD
Board 3
How do we know that new teaching methods are effective? Evaluation of a practice-based curriculum for Master of Public Health Students
Jacey Greece, DSc, MPH, Donna McGrath, MS, Erin Smith, MPH, Liam Day and Vanessa Edouard, MPH
Board 4
Academic-public partnerships: A new paradigm for diabetes research and practice
Emily Laflamme, MPH, Elbert S. Huang, MD, Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH, Monica E. Peek, MD, MPH, Deborah Burnet, MD,MA, Marshall H. Chin, MD, MPH, Arlene Hankinson, MD MS, Kirsti Bocskay, PhD, MPH, Jay Bhatt, DO, MPH, MPA, FACP and Bechara Choucair, MD
Board 5
Rural residents' perceptions of HIV/AIDS service quality, access to care and health disparities: Findings from a Public Health Training Center's needs assessment
Shantrel Canidate, BS, MPH, Karen Vanterpool, BS, Lindsey Laytner, BA, Renetta Hambrick, BS, Shalewa Noel-Thomas, PhD, MPH and Barbara Curbow, PhD
Board 6
Blended Learning in Public Health - Strategies, Outcomes, and Early Lessons Learned
Cindy Prins, PhD, MPH, CIC, CPH, Amy Cantrell, MS, PhD, Michael Marsiske, Jamie Pomeranz, PhD, CRC, CLCP, Stephanie Hanson, PhD, Michael Perri, PhD, Kristina von Castel-Roberts, PhD and Susan White, MEd
Board 7
Characterizing the growth of the undergraduate public health major, 1992-2012
Emily Burke, MPH, CPH, Christine Plepys, MS and Craig Blakely, PhD, MPH
Board 8
Examining the Effect of Medicaid Expansion on Women and Infants in Oregon: Collaboration between Academic Public Health and the Practice Community
Jocelyn Warren, PhD, MPH, S. Marie Harvey, DrPH, MPH, Jeff Luck, PhD, MBA and Jangho Yoon, MSPH, PhD
Board 9
Reducing health disparities for rural and urban communities via tools of implementation science and an innovative academic partnership focused on inter-professional education
Braden Paschall, Health Services Management, B.S.(s), Macey Henderson, J.D., Malaz Boustani, MD, MPH and Nadia Adams, MHA

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Organized by: Academic Public Health Caucus