142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition

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142nd APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition (November 15 - November 19, 2014): http://www.apha.org/events-and-meetings/annual
A. T. Still University School of Health Management
AASA The School Superintendents Association
ACCESS Community Health & Research Center
Activate Allen County
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Medical Expenditure Panel Survey (MEPS): Using MEPS data in national and regional health services research -- Fee: $50
MEPS-HC Use and Expenditure Data
Steps in developing an analytical file
Quiz, Q & A and discussion
MEPS-HC Overview
MEPS-HC Querynet Tool demonstration and exercise
Best Practices to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infection Transmission Between Long Term Care and Acute Care Settings
Quality in Nursing Home Care from the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports (NHQR-DR)
Factors that reduce the value of health care received by residents of rural areas: Findings from the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports
Highlighting cancer healthcare disparities experienced by African Americans in the U.S. from the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report (NHQR-DR)
How efficient and inefficient hospitals differ
A stitch in time? Process and outcome measures related to specific adverse events seen in US surgical inpatients 18+ years old: Findings from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)'s National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports (NHQR/DR)
Health care expenditures for the elderly with chronic conditions in 2011
Trends and disparities in potentially preventable hospitalizations in non-Hispanic white and black adults in the U.S., 2001-2010
Five year analysis of changing response to AHRQ's Funding Opportunity Announcements (FY2009 – 2013)
Comparing total Medicare costs for patients receiving primary care in Federally Funded Health Centers, physician offices and outpatient clinics
Multiple Chronic Conditions: A Day in the Life
Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Center
Alliance for Community Research and Development
American Heart Association - Voices for Healthy Kids
American Hospital Association/Health Research & Educational Trust
American Public Health Association
Global Health Institute for Students and Emerging Professionals -- Fee: $50
Working together to improve community health around the globe: CORE Group
Chronic Stress in Disadvantaged Adolescents: A Public Health Response
IndexUS: Black Women's Health Matters
USAID: Extending reach: INGOs support governments to shift tasks to CHWs
MEDICC: Cuba's Working Models of Health Care and Health Reform in the U.S
Making the Case: Economic Value of Environmental Health
PAHO: Challenges and opportunities for collaboration to advance environmental health in the Americas
From Evidence to Action: Violence Prevention in New Orleans, LA
Heads up: Public health efforts to prevent sports related concussions
Using Gender to Fight Multiple Risks: HIV/STI Prevention for Girls at Risk for Juvenile Delinquency
In Country Perspective
From action alerts to issue briefs: APHA resources to help make you a stronger public health advocate
APHA communication tools to support your advocacy work
Place, Race and Gender: Diabetes Management among high risk Populations in the United States
Partnership for Active Transportation – creating a broad-based movement for human-powered mobility to build healthy places for healthy people
Chronic Stress in Adolescents from Disadvantaged Communities: A Population Health Perspective and Strategy
Global Security, Sustainability, and Public Health: Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Threats
IndexUS: Black Women’s Health Matters
California Community Health Workers: Balancing Regional Diversity with Professional Unity
Opening Remarks -- Shawn McIntosh
Opening Remarks -- Shawn McIntosh
Opening Remarks -- Shawn McIntosh
American University of Complementary Medicine
Affiliate Day/Affiliate New Leaders Orientation to APHA
Inter-Sectional Council Meeting
ISC Steering Committee Breakout
Committee on Bylaws Business Meeting I
Section Chair-Elects Huddle
Governing Council Registration
AJPH Editor/Editorial Board Meeting
APHA Publications Board Meeting
Council of Affiliates Reception
Science Board Committee Meeting
AJPH Editor Meeting
AJPH Editorial Board Meeting
Annual Meeting/New Member Orientation
APHA Donor Reception
Council of Affiliates Business Meeting
Education Board Committee Meeting
Early Career Professional Roundtable
EHOC Business Meeting
Committee on Bylaws Business Meeting II
Joint Policy Committee Executive Session Business Meeting
Public Health Funder/Donor Business Meeting
Applied Public Health Statistics Awards Luncheon and Lowell Reed Lecture
APHA Public Health Awards Reception and Ceremony
Black Caucus of Health Workers Annual Hildrus Poindexter Dinner and Awards Ceremony
COWR Business meeting
APHA Caucus Breakfast
CoA Business Meeting
Education Board Committee Meeting
APHA Action Board Meeting
Committee on Membership Business Meeting
APHA Program Planning Committee Meeting
Certified in Public Health (CPH) Review Course- Day 1 -- Fee: $350
Meta-Leadership and Why it is Critical for Interdisciplinary/Social Determinant-Oriented Approaches to Population Health -- Fee: $300
Certified in Public Health (CPH) Review Course-Day 2
Advocacy for leaders
Kick-off for Adolescent Health: Think, Act, Grow
Media advocacy: How to make public health matter in media
Too Young to Die: Teen Black Homicide and White Suicide
Unleashing the Power of Storytelling in Television, Film, Music and New Media to Improve Health and Well Being
Evidence Based Outcomes of the Healthy Start Program
The who, what and how of advocacy
Martha May Eliot Luncheon
Mobilizing a Public Health Campaign
Dr. Helen Rodriguez-Trias Breakfast
Public Health Resources and Tools for Systems Transformation
OHS awards luncheon: 100 years of research and action
Certified in Public Health Review Roundtables
Public Health Aims for Quality: Advances in Implementation
Social Media: A Game Changer for Public Health
PHEHP Award Luncheon
Public Health Nursing Luncheon - The Place to Be
Priorities, Practice and Partnerships – Lessons in Tribal Environmental Public Health
IH Luncheon
Working together to make public health a priority on the national & state level
Opening Remarks -- Daniel Greenberg
Exploring Public Health Law: Tools, Training, and Technical Assistance
Everyone can be an advocate
Environment Section Homer N. Calver Award Lunch
Public health and systems tranformation
Arizona State University
Geography and Health in AJPH
Mitigating indoor thermal stress and improving health: A case study of green and healthy housing for older adults in Phoenix, Arizona
Mixed-Methods Evaluation and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative
Interaction of Gender Roles and Acculturation on Substance Use in Mexican American Adolescents
Social Norms, Social Capital and Alcohol Use in Mexican Adolescents
Assessing the Implementation Climate for School-based Obesity Prevention Policies and Practices
Qualitative interview ‘saturation' across four cultural settings: How many interviews are really enough?
Intervention Research using Promotoras: Benefits and Helpful Tips
Are afterschool program environments supportive of children's moderate-to-vigorous physical activity?
GoWoman: The Development of a Virtual World Weight Management Intervention for Women with Mobility Impairments
Descriptive Assessment of the Home Food Environment in a Diverse Sample of Families with School-Aged Children
Relationship of home environment, maternal and child body size, and food environment in low income women and children
Place as a predictor of health insurance coverage: A multivariate analysis of counties in the United States
Connection between neighborhood parks and leisure-time physical activity among adult Mexican women: A multilevel analysis in Hermosillo, Mexico
Experiences managing T2 diabetes shortly after diagnosis among adults of Mexican ethnicity in the US Southwest
Projected healthcare costs of obesity and anticipated return on investment in environmental obesity prevention efforts
Does formal community organization buffer the relationship between neighborhood disadvantage and distress among Latinos?: Examining the role of acculturation
Tracking medical repatriations to Mexico: Experiences from the field
Armstrong Atlantic State University
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO)
Asian Alliance for Health (AAFH) and Chinese Community Health Resource Center (CCHRC)
Assn of Occupational and Environmental Clinics
Association for Prevention Teaching and Research
Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals
Association of Schools of Public Health
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials
Health Informatics and Information Technology: Facilitating Data Sharing between Public Health and Clinical Care Systems
Million Hearts and hypertension control: Using a multi-state learning collaborative model to address systems approach to change
Pursuing Voluntary Public Health Accreditation: Perspectives from Large Jurisdictions
State Perspectives in Health Promotion Policies and Initiatives for Older Adults
Mobilizing State Action to Prevent Prescription Opioid Misuse, Abuse and Overdose
Trends and Emerging Issues in Public Health from the 2014 State Legislative Sessions
Linking Science and Policy from the State Perpective
Improving Systems: Lessons Learned in Facilitating a State Health Department Learning Collaborative
E-Cigarettes: Emerging Issues for State Public Health
Cross-Jurisdictional Sharing at State Health Agencies: A Longitudinal Analysis
Information Exchange between Providers, Payers and Public Health to Support Rapid Cycle Health Outcomes Improvements in Hypertensives: Experiences from the Million Hearts Learning Collaborative
Association between Workforce Size, Expenditures, and Performance of State Health Agency Activities
State health equity and minority health departments' infrastructure and resources
Building capacity, resources and momentum for the integration of primary care and public health: Lessons learned from a collaborative of state and national partners
Neonatal abstinence syndrome: How states can advance the knowledge base for primary prevention and best practices of care
State strategies for promoting wellness and healthy lifestyles for people with disabilities
Million Hearts and Hypertension control, Using a Multi-State Learning Collaborative Model to address systems approach to change
Public Health Agencies' Level of Engagement in and Perceived Barriers to PHAB National Voluntary Accreditation
Worksite Wellness: A State Health Agency Perspective on Policies and Programs that Improve the Health of Employees and Show a Return on Investment
A gap analysis of the public health systems in the US-affiliated insular areas
Opening Remarks -- Lia Katz
Strategically Promoting Policies and Initiatives to Improve the Health of Older Adults and their Communities