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Poster #6// Disparities in Health and Mental Health: Research Perspectives

Wednesday, November 4, 2015: 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

Board 1
Risk Factors of Drug and Alcohol Overdoses Inform Prevention and Treatment Services in Orange County   
Allyson Furry, MA, Curtis Condon, PhD, Janel Alberts, PhD, Donna Grubaugh, Brett O'Brien, MFT and Mary Hale, MS
Board 2
Fear as a Predictor of Behavioral Health Outcomes: Using Instrumental Variables to Address Endogeneity   
Erin Grinshteyn, PhD, Susan Ettner, PhD, William E. Cunningham, MD, MPH, David Eisenman, MD, MSHS and Ronald M. Andersen, PhD
Board 3
Masculine roles of family provider and protector may interact with work, stress, and coping among immigrant Latino men   
Jason D. Daniel-Ulloa, PhD, MPH, Christina J. Sun, PhD, MS, Mario Downs and Scott Rhodes, PhD, MPH
Board 4
Board 5
Sociological Factors Influencing Utilization of Mental Health Services Among Racial and Ethnic Minorities with Chronic Conditions   
Doshia Harris, MBA, Priscilla Barnes, MPH, PhD, MCHES, David Townsend, MSW, Olga Munteanu, Stephanie L Dickinson, M.A.S., Tilicia Mayo, MA, MPH and Anita Ohmit, MPH
Board 6
Preventing the relinquishment of children with serious emotional disturbances   
Monica Faulkner, PhD, Beth Gerlach, PHD, LCSW and Larra Marra, MSW
Board 7
Risk Factors for Self-Inflicted Injury Inform Prevention and Treatment in Orange County   
Ryan Ramos, MS, MA, Hang Nguyen, MPH, Kimari Phillips, MA, CHES, Curtis Condon, PhD, Donna Grubaugh, Brett O'Brien, MFT and Mary Hale, MS
Board 8

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