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Aging & Public Health
Alzheimer's Disease and Cognitive Impairment (Corrected)
Joint Session with Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Vision and aging
APHA-Global Public Health Film Festival
Changing the FACE of Medicine
APHA-Learning Institute (APHA-LI)
Designing Effective eLearning for Non-Education Professionals
Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health
Health Equity among APIs
Cancer Forum
Ensuring or enabling the participation of minority and medically underserved populations in cancer clinical trials and precision medicine efforts
Ethical, legal, and social implications of health policies, including but not limited to the Affordable Care Act and access to cancer care across the care continuum (prevention to treatment and survivorship)
Implications of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force clinical recommendations (i.e., screening guidelines) on access to care across the cancer care continuum, from prevention to treatment and survivorship
Innovative social media, telehealth, and other technological interventions to promote utilization of and access to cancer care, across the care continuum
National and international initiatives or strategies that strive to promote health equity, both from a policy and practical perspective (e.g., universal healthcare systems)
The impact of local institutional and hospital policies on access to care (e.g., “charity care” or financial assistance programs), especially for underinsured and underserved populations
The role and impact of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on improving access to cancer care, across the care continuum, from prevention to treatment and survivorship.
Chiropractic Health Care
Lifestyles and Mindful Living
Nerve and Musculoskeletal Conditions
Optimal Function
Increasing access to health determinants for persons with disabilities: Impacts of recent legislation (ACA, WIOA, ABLE Act) and associated federal regulation changes on LTSS, education, employment, and income
Maternal health and health care, including reproductive and perinatal health, for women with disabilities
The impact of the Affordable Care Act on the delivery and evaluation of patient-centered health care services and outcomes for people with disabilities
Student Achievement Poster Award Track
Emerging ethical issues within integrated healthcare delivery systems
Ethical, legal, and social implications of public health genetics
Moral distress among the public health workforce
Revis(it)ing the public health code of ethics
Genomics Forum
Population screening (includes but not limited to newborn screening)
Human Rights Forum
A Rights-Based Approach to Drug Policy
Sexual and Reproductive Rights
Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Disaster response and emergency preparedness
Emerging trends in injuries
Global injuries
Injury and emergency health data issues
Innovative use of technology for injury research, prevention, disaster and emergency response
Intervention trials
Law for injury control
Motor vehicle injury and road safety
Occupational injuries
Suicide prevention
Using GIS and location analysis in injury research and prevention
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices
Cancer and HIV
Education and Training in ICTHP
Epidemiology in ICTHP
Other ICTHP Systems
Reiki and Other Energy-Based Therapies
Podiatric Health
Any topic on health care policies—development, implementation, and effect on health care
The Adoption of the Diabetic Amputation Prevention Team (ADAPT) To Save Life and Limb
Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health
Adolescent Sexuality and Parental Communication
Public Health Nursing
Mental Health
Public Health Social Work
School Health Education and Services
Achieving Social Justice through School Health
Alcohol and Drug Use Prevention in Schools
Applications of the Whole Child Model in Schools
Children’s vision screening and eye health in schools: A Joint Session of the Vision Care and School Health Sections
Extra Session
Promoting Wellness Through Schools
Public Health Nursing in Schools
School and Community Linkages to Improve Child Health
School Health and the Health of School Aged Children
Use of technology in schools to improve student health
Veterinary Public Health
Animal hoarding, feral/stray animals, animal trafficking, and animal shelters
Benefits of the human-animal interaction
Environment, human health, and zoonotic disease
Linkages between domestic violence in people and animals
One Health and the total family health concept (pets inclusion in disaster epidemiology and preparedness)
Vision Care
Barriers and facilitators to access to eye care
Children's vision and eye care needs
Economic burden and cost-effectiveness analysis in vision and eye care
Evidence-based policy and practice in eye care
Health promotion and vision loss
Integrated medical, oral health, and vision care delivery models
The relationship between vision status and oral health
The right to sight
Translating ocular research into community health
Vision and aging
Vision health: A global perspective