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Aging & Public Health
Environment and aging
Health-related decision making among older adults
Medicare/Medicaid policy
Older adults and disability
Personal assistance, social support, and caregiving
Public health law and public health ethics
Sensory issues in aging (Vision, hearing, taste, smell)
Social, cultural, environmental and political contexts of women's health
Technology and aging
Women's health issues
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Legislation and Ergonomics
Suicide and Substance Use (temporary title)
APHA-Learning Institute (APHA-LI)
Storytelling, Presentation Skills and Change Management: Essential Skills for Public Health Professionals
APHA-Public Health Funder Network
Cancer Forum
Laws, Guidelines and Policies
Community Health Workers
Ed and Cap Meeting
Effecting Health Care Culture Change Through CHWs and CHW Programs
Evaluation and Impact of CHW Certification
Innovative Programs Addressing the Criticual Role of CHWs Working with Diverse Populations
Changing climate through healthy community design: Addressing social constructs, biological attributes and environmental exposures creating vulnerabilities for people with disabilities
Policy, systems and environmental changes that support active transportation (e.g., public transportation, walking, biking)and community inclusion for people with disabilities
Diverse Topics in Public Health Epidemiology
Environmental Health and Epidemiology
Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Climate and Health
Environmental Epidemiology
Findings in Environmental Epidemiology
Genetic Research in Epidemiology
Nutritional Epidemiology
Oral Session
Oral Session LB 2
Physical Activity in Epidemiological Research
Physical Activity in Epidemiological Research
Recent findings in Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Special Session in Epidemiology
Test Session
Unscheduled 10
Unscheduled 11
Unscheduled 13
Unscheduled 4
Unscheduled 5
Unscheduled 6
Unscheduled 7
Food and Nutrition
March of Dimes Agnes Higgins Award Lecture and Reception
Genomics Forum
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology/Gene-Environment Epidemiology
Health Communications & Interventions in Genomics (including new and emerging applications and technologies)
Health Disparities
Population screening (includes but not limited to newborn screening
Health Informatics Information Technology
2nd Annual HIIT Disparities Wearathon: Eliminate Health Disparities through Innovative Wearable Technology Innovations
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
Human Rights Forum
Human Rights for Planetary Health & Climate Justice
Maternal mortality & Reproductive Rights in the United States
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices
Cancer and HIV
Creating the Healthiest Nation: Climate Changes Health
Education and Training in ICTHP
Epidemiology in ICTHP
Herbalism and Phytotherapy
International Perspectives in ICTHP
Massage Therapy and Other Manipulative and Body-Based Methods
Reiki and Other Energy-Based Therapies
Mens Health Caucus
American Indian / Alaskan Native Health
Effect of climate change on food security
Impact of climate change on chronic disease – CVD, Diabetes, etc
Male health: Innovative approaches
Men's Health across the lifespan
Mining and industry
Pipeline and Indian Health
Physical Activity
NOT IN USE: Advances in science and methodology: Wearable devices
School Health Education and Services
Alcohol and drug use prevention in schools
Every Student Succeeds Act: Implications for school health
Evidence-based practice in school nursing: Emerging innovations
Promoting school environmental health programs: Clean air, buildings, water, and transportation
Public health nursing in schools
Womens Caucus
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