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Academic Public Health Caucus
Topic specific
Aging & Public Health
Environment and aging
Health-related decision making among older adults
Medicare/Medicaid policy
Older adults and disability
Personal assistance, social support, and caregiving
Public health law and public health ethics
Sensory issues in aging (Vision, hearing, taste, smell)
Social, cultural, environmental and political contexts of women's health
Technology and aging
Women's health issues
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs
Suicide and Substance Use (temporary title)
APHA-Global Public Health Film Festival General Submissions
Accessibility & Quality
Assessing Community Health
Competent Workforce
Create Linkages
Health Hazards
Inform, Educate, Empower
Mobilize Partnerships
New Insights
Support Laws and Regs
Support Policy
APHA-Learning Institute (APHA-LI)
An Awareness Level Training on Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases of Public Health Significance: Health and Safety Essentials for Workers
Applied latent class analysis: A public health perspective
C-FERST HIA Roadmap: An Interactive Tool that Brings Data, Mapping and Research Results to the Health Impact Assessment Practitioner
Career advancement for women and minorities: seven practical strategies
Cognitive interviewing methods and software for public health researchers
Collaborating on Data Sharing and Use to End Health Disparities: What Happens in Practice
Eliminating Health Disparities: Utilizing Healthy People 2020 Data
Epidemiology for non-epidemiologists Day 1
Epidemiology for non-epidemiologists Day 2
Essentials of Financial Planning, Managing, and Leading in Public Health
Good decision making in real time: Practical public health ethics for health officials
HealthEngage for Health and Safety Committees: Building knowledge and skills to improve committee functioning and increase collaboration
Helping Families and Communities Take Action on Climate Change
Powerful Presentations and Strategic Storytelling: Essential Communication tools for Public Health Professionals
Preparing for the next Ebola outbreak: biosafety and infectious disease response training
Promoting Healthy Choices and Community Changes: A course on community health promotion for community health workers
Propensity Score Methods and Their Applications in Observational Studies
Quantitative Tools for Evidence-based Public Health: Meta-Analysis Using R
SEER*Stat: A software tool for studying the impact of cancer on a population (Advanced)
SEER*Stat: A software tool for studying the impact of cancer on a population level (Basic)
SOAR. Stop .Observe. Ask. Respond To Human Trafficking
Storytelling, Presentation Skills and Change Management: Essential Skills for Public Health Professionals
Thinking CAHPS: Effective use of surveys to improve quality in health plans, agencies, and clinics
Transforming the Application of Public Health Nursing Competencies to Address Population Health
APHA-Public Health Funder Network
Community Mobilization in Idaho to Address Childhood Obesity: Nampa Case Study
Philanthropy's Role in Supporting Pilot Projects
Applied Public Health Statistics
Meta-analysis of public health studies
Student oral presentations
Student poster presentations
Cancer Forum
Climate Change
Emergency Preparedness and Management Strategies
Laws, Guidelines and Policies
Chiropractic Health Care
Prevention of chronic diseases & conditions
Prevention of neurological & musculoskeletal conditions
Promote healthy lifestyles & mindful living
Promote optimal function
Public health & chiropractic
Community Based Public Health Caucus
The scholarship of CBPR (presenting author must be an alumni of the Kellogg Health Scholar Post-doctoral Program or antecedent programs)
Community Health Workers
Ed and Cap Meeting
Building an inclusive workforce: Access to education and jobs for people with disabilities
Changing climate through healthy community design: Addressing social constructs, biological attributes and environmental exposures creating vulnerabilities for people with disabilities
Innovative policies, programs and services that focus on improving the health and wellness of people with disabilities
Oral session *
Oral session 4
Policies, programs and services that promote inclusion of people with disabilities
Childhood Lead Exposures: Innovative Modeling and Data Collection Efforts by the Federal Family to Guide Public Health Decision-Making
Furthering Climate Justice and Health Equity through Public Health Collaborations in California
Observations from Space: A unique vantage point for the study of climate change and its association with the disease occurrence
Strong, Prosperous, and Resilient Communities Challenge – Blending Health, Climate and Racial Equity to Create the Healthiest Communities
Understanding Environmental Aspects of Vector-Borne Diseases to Promote Health Security
Behavioral and Social Determinats in the development of Disease
Behavioral Health Epidemiology
Biostatistics and Statistical Methods in Epidemiological Research
Cancer Epidemiology
Cannabis Use in Medical and Epidemiological Research
Cardiovascular Disease
Chronic Disease Epidemiology
Climate Change and health
Climate Change and statistical Modeling
Data linkage and health care data analysis
Environmental Epidemiology
Epidemiological Research in Environment and Aging
Epidemiological Research in Schoolsettings
Epidemiology and Big Data
Epidemiology of Aging
Epidemiology of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Epidemiology of Obesity
Epidemiology of Substance Abuse
Ethics in Epidemiology
Genetic Research in Epidemiology
Geo-Spatial Epidemiology
Health Disparities Research in Public Health Epidemiology
Immigrant and Minority Health and Aging in Epidemiological Research
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Methods in Epidemiology
Nutritional Epidemiology
Obesity in Childhood
Oral Session 21
Other Topics in Public Health Epidemiology
Physical Activity in Epidemiological Research
Ethical issues concerning public health and disability – Preventing stigma in prevention messages
Ethics concerning individual agency and social determinants of lifestyle choices and other health behaviors
Ethics of oppression and intersectionality; ways to promote equity
Expanding ethics education in schools of public health and workforce development
Moral distress among members of the public health workforce
Public health challenges for immigrants and refugees
Public health ethics in specific domains (childbirth and breastfeeding, mental health, addiction services, genetics)
Public health ethics since the election
Revis(it)ing the Public Health Code of Ethics
Genomics Forum
Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications of Genomics
Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology/Gene-Environment Epidemiology
Health Communications & Interventions in Genomics (including new and emerging applications and technologies)
Health Disparities
Population screening (includes but not limited to newborn screening
Health Informatics Information Technology
2nd Annual HIIT Disparities Wearathon: Eliminate Health Disparities through Innovative Wearable Technology Innovations
Advances in Technology for Health Survey Analysis
Advances in Telemedicine/Telehealth
Advancing Personalized Medicine through the Use of Interoperable Health Information Technology
Big Data Analytics to Improve Global Health
Climate Change: Use of Technology for Consumer Engagement
Cloud Computing: What Does it Mean for Public Health?
Do Coaching Apps Impact Health Behavior?
Finding Untapped Value Through Sharing and Use of Multi-Sector Data
GIS Mapping, Global Health Surveillance, and Public Policy
Health IT and Interprofessional Workforce Development
Health Law, Ethics, Technology and Human Rights
HIT Innovation for the Eradication of Health Disparities
How is Technology Being used to Increase Healthy Development for Children
How Technology Improves Older Adults' Health and Quality of Life
IT Opportunities to Address Challenges of Climate Change Within Urban Communities
Lack of Technology in Public Health Preparedness and Response Capacity
Making Data Work for the Public’s Health: Telling the Story Behind the Numbers
mHealth and Wearables
Open Source Tools for Health Informaticians and Text Mining Applications in Population Health Research
Promote Interpersonal Connections through Technical Social Media Channels to Reduce Isolation and Loneliness
Providing Actionable Data for Community Programming
Public Health Data Analytics in Research and Nursing Practice
Reducing Medical Errors Through the Use of Public Health Informatics Health IT
The Convergence of Personal Connected Health and Public Health
The Grand Challenge: Harnessing Technology for the Social Good
The Learning Health Care System: Enhancing Care Delivery through HIIT
The Opioid Epidemic: Effect on Public Health Service Delivery and Opportunities for Data Driven Solutions
Use of HIT to Improve Health Outcomes in Global Emergency Preparedness and Response
Using Big Data Analytics to Revolutionized Impacts on Public Health Policy and Research
Using Systems Science Approaches to Solve Public Health Issues
Using Technology to Monitor Changes in Air Quality for Asthma and Other Chronic Respiratory Illness Prevention
Human Rights Forum
Human Rights for Planetary Health & Climate Justice
Maternal mortality & Reproductive Rights in the United States
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices
Cancer and HIV
Education and Training in ICTHP
Epidemiology in ICTHP
Herbalism and Phytotherapy
International Perspectives in ICTHP
Massage Therapy and Other Manipulative and Body-Based Methods
Other ICTHP Systems
Reiki and Other Energy-Based Therapies
Men's Health Caucus
American Indian / Alaskan Native Health
Effect of climate change on food security
Impact of climate change on chronic disease – CVD, Diabetes, etc
Male health: Innovative approaches
Men's Health across the lifespan
Mining and industry
Pipeline and Indian Health
Oral Health
potential joint session with MCH
PHEHP Student Award Contest
PHEHP Student Awards Contest
Physical Activity
NOT IN USE: Advances in science and methodology: Wearable devices
Population, Reproductive and Sexual Health
Adolescent Health
Emerging Reproductive Technologies
Involving Men
Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Aging Population and Baby Boomers Health (organized jointly with the Aging section)
Chronic Disease Screening and Prevention
Dissemination and Implementation Research
Evaluation of Public Health Education and Health Promotion Programs
Health Communication and Organizations (organized by HCWG)
Health Communication and Technology (organized by HCWG)
Health Communication in Special Populations (organized by HCWG)
Health Communication with Children and Adolescents (organized by HCWG)
Health Impact Assessment (organized jointly with the Environment section)
Health Literacy Issues (organized by HCWG)
Health Policies to Build the Healthiest Nation
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for People with Disabilities (organized jointly with the Disability section)
Health Promotion Initiatives
Mass Media Influences on Health Behavior (organized by HCWG)
Men’s Health
Other: Public Health Education and Health Promotion Topics
Public Health Leadership and Education Models
Sexual Risk Reduction
Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities
Worksite Wellness and Health Promotion
Public Health Social Work
Effective Public Health Social Work Responses to the Changing Political Landscape
School Health Education and Services
Alcohol and drug use prevention in schools
Every Student Succeeds Act: Implications for school health
Evidence-based practice in school nursing: Emerging innovations
Promoting school environmental health programs: Clean air, buildings, water, and transportation
Public health nursing in schools
Socialist Caucus
Vision Care
Barriers and facilitators to access to eye care
Children's vision and eye care needs
Children's vision screening and eye health in schools: A Joint Session of the Vision Care and School Health Sections
Economic burden and cost-effectiveness analysis in vision and eye care
Evidence-based policy and practice in vision health and/or eye care
Health promotion and vision loss
Impact of vision impairment on health, functioning, social participation, and the environment
Integrated medical, oral health, and vision care delivery models
Preventing vision loss and promoting eye health across the lifespan
The environment and impacts on eye health
The relationship between vision status and oral health
The right to sight
Translating eye health and treatment research into community health
Vision and aging
Vision health: A global perspective