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Aging & Public Health
Aging and the environment
Aging population and baby boomers' health
Alzheimer's disease / dementia
Chronic illness management / chronic illness and self-care
Community-based long-term care
Emergency preparedness, public health crises, and older adults
Family caregiving
Health literacy and approaches to communication
Health-related decision making among older adults
Healthcare outcomes and quality of life
Healthcare utilization and costs
Healthy communities for healthy aging
Immigrant and minority health and aging
Innovations in health and aging practice
International health and aging and health care policy
Medicare/Medicaid policy
Nursing home care and utilization
Nutrition and aging / food insecurity
Older adults and disability
Palliative care, pain management and end-of-life care/issues
Personal assistance, social support, and caregiving
Physical activity and successful aging
Public health law and public health ethics
Public health policy and aging
Racial/ethnic disparities
Rural aging issues
Sensory issues in aging (Vision, hearing, taste, smell)
Social networks and social care provision
Social, cultural, environmental and political contexts of women's health
Technology and aging
Translating aging research into practice
Women's health issues
Workforce issues
APHA-Public Health Funder Network
Access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Black Women in Washington, DC
Test by Andrey
APHA-Student Assembly
Health Services Administration/Management
Asian & Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health
Funding Trajectories for AANHPI Health Equity Research and Programs
Black Caucus of Health Workers
Achieving health equity in behavioral and mental health
Addressing health disparities to improve Women's health outcomes and achieve health equity
Addressing health equity through social movements and policy changes
Addressing Social Determinants of Health to Achieve Health Equity for Men of the African Diaspora
Hidden Figures in Public Health: Celebrating 50 years of Black Caucus of Health Workers
Institutional Inequity: Overcoming barriers to prepare the next generation of public health professionals
International Health Equity- Exploring best practices to improve health outcomes across the African diaspora
Using social media as a movement for health equity
Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?
1. Human Milk Expression, Pumping, and Sustained Breastfeeding
2. The Intersection of Corporate Practices with Breastfeeding and Milk Expression
3. From Bench to Population Health
4. Prescription/Non-Prescription Drug Use and Breastfeeding
5. Social Media and Breastfeeding
6. Policies, Interventions and Practices that support (or inhibit) the right to breastfeed
Caucus on Homelessness
Issues Related to Substance Use among People Experiencing Homelessness
Chiropractic Health Care
Health equity (conference theme)
Prevention of chronic diseases & conditions
Prevention of neurological & musculoskeletal conditions
Promote healthy lifestyles & mindful living
Promote optimal function
Public health & chiropractic
Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Intersectional impacts of gender, Hispanic ethnicity and immigration status on health
Assessing and supporting the mental health of people with disabilities
Collaborative Oral session 1
Historical context of disability and public health; Celebrating 30 years in APHA
Maternal health and health care, including reproductive and perinatal health, for women with disabilities
Joint Session TBD
Noise and Health
A 21st Century Approach to the Control and Prevention of Communicable Diseases Globally
Defining the Impact of Endocrine Disruptors (EDCs) on Metabolic Disease and Obesity through Epidemiologic Research
Diabetes LEAD (Location, Environmental Attributes, and Disparities) Network: Studying the Impact of Modifiable Community Factors on Geographic Disparities in Diabetes Nationwide
Disaster Epidemiology: Examples of Epidemiologic Methods Applied to Natural and Man-made Disasters
Disaster Epidemiology: Examples of Epidemiologic Methods Applied to Natural and Man-made Disasters
Environmental Epidemiology
Epidemiology of Substance Abuse
Ethics in Epidemiology
Genetic Epidemiology
Health Equity for African American Populations across the Lifespan: Research and Practice Activities at the Center for Health Equity, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health
Hepatitis A Outbreak in San Diego – A Vaccine Preventable Disease Returns
Injury Epidemiology
Methods in Epidemiology
Nutritional Epidemiology
Playing Catch-up: Rural Cancer Control
Role of Epidemiology in Public Health Practice
Teaching Epidemiology
Translation and Application of Epidemiology
Understanding Health Equity at the Local Level: Opportunities and Challenges in Community Health Surveys
Cybersecurity, confidentiality, and big data
Genetics and public health ethics
Oppression and intersectionality
Stigma, Disparities, and Health Messaging
Food and Nutrition
Topic Placeholder 4
Genomics Forum
Health Communications & Interventions in Genomics (including new and emerging applications and technologies)
Health Disparities
Other topics and issues
Population screening (includes but not limited to newborn screening)
Health Informatics Information Technology
3rd Annual HIIT Disparities Wearathon
Applications and Open Source Software
Creating the Healthiest Nations: Challenges and Solutions through HIIT
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Data Visualization
Human Rights Forum
Sanitation and Homelessness in California: Social Determinants' Impact on Health
Integrative, Complementary and Traditional Health Practices
Education and Training in ICTHP
Massage Therapy and Other Manipulative and Body-Based Methods
International Health
SRH/IH Session on the Global Gag Rule
Medical Care Section
History of Public Health
Student Award
Mens Health Caucus
American Indian / Alaskan Native Health
Gender based preventive health care
Health equity and access to quality of health care
Health Policy and Health Equity: How do males fare?
Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Assault, and Harassment: A Comprehensive Perspective of the #MeToo Movement
Pilot practices that would lead to policy development around healthy eating and active living
Oral Health
Invited Oral Health Topic
Maternal and Child Oral Health
Waitlisted Abstracts
PHEHP Materials Contest
PHEHP Materials Contest
PHEHP Student Award Contest
Student Awards Submission
Physical Activity
Health Equity Now: Physical Activity and Mental Health
Public Health Education and Health Promotion
Addressing Health Disparities through Health Promotion Initiatives
Affordable Care Act and Public Health
Built Environment, Community Design, and Public Health
Child and Adolescent Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Child and Adolescent Health
Chronic Disease Screening and Prevention
College Health Initiatives
Communication and Personalized Medicine (organized by HCWG)
Community Health Workers in Public Health Education and Health Promotion (organized jointly with the Community Health Worker section)
Community-Based and Community-Engaged Research
Department of Health Innovative Practices to Improve Population Health
Dissemination and Implementation Research
Economic Impact and Return on Investment in Public Health
Evaluation of Public Health Education and Health Promotion Programs
HCWG Rejected
Health Communication and Organizations (organized by HCWG)
Health Equity On Creating Systemic Change & Building Community Power
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention for People with Disabilities (organized jointly with the Disability section)
Men's Health
Other: Public Health Education and Health Promotion Topics
Population Approaches to Active Living and/or Healthy Eating Behavior Change
Prevention Research Centers
Promoting the Health of Women and Families to Create the Healthiest Nation (organized jointly with the Women's Caucus)
Public Health Leadership and Education Models
Regulatory Practices in Health Education and Health Promotion
Roundtable Discussions
Sexual Risk Reduction
Social Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities
SPECIAL SESSION: The Role of Health Communication in Contributing To and Addressing Health Equity (organized by HCWG)
Substance Abuse
The Road to Health Equity: Closing the Gap to Change a Generation
Theoretical Frameworks for Health Promotion through the Life Course
Training Youth to be Leaders in Public Health
Worksite Wellness and Health Promotion
Public Health Social Work
Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice to Promote Health Equity
Ensuring Equitable Health Reform: Opportunities and Challenges
Interprofessional Collaborations that Advance Health Equity
Using Technology to Advance Health Equity
School Health Education and Services
Active transport to school
Diversity in schools
Effective funding for public health education
Evidence-based practice in school nursing: Emerging innovations
Socialist Caucus
Progressive perspectives on women's health
The health of marginalized communities
Veterinary Public Health
Evidence-based practice utilizing the One Health approach
Health disparities across Humans, Animals, and the Environment
Occupational risks for zoonotic disease exposures (including those associated with pathogens developing antimicrobial resistance)
One Health epidemiology: How can technological advancements help surveillance, diagnosis, reporting, and response to emerging infectious diseases?
Vision Care
Barriers and facilitators to access to eye care
Children's vision and eye care needs
Children's vision screening and eye health in schools: A Joint Session of the Vision Care and School Health Sections
Economic burden and cost-effectiveness analysis in vision and eye care
Evidence-based policy and practice in vision health and/or eye care
Health promotion and vision loss
Impact of vision impairment on health, functioning, social participation, and the environment
Integrated medical, oral health, and vision care delivery models
Preventing vision loss and promoting eye health across the lifespan
The environment and impacts on eye health
The relationship between vision status and oral health
The right to sight
Translating eye health and treatment research into community health
Vision and aging
Vision health: A global perspective
Womens Caucus
(Oral 2) Gender-based violence, sexual assault & trauma