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Black Caucus of Health Workers
Where Is the Next Generation of African American Healthcare Professionals?: The Roles and Realities of Pipeline Programs.
Cancer Forum
Policies, Laws, and Guidelines
Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Health Services Research on Violence Prevention
Structural Violence and Youth Survival: Changing the Narrative Regarding Violence Affecting Urban, Black
Sustainability of Violence Prevention: Anchoring Efforts within Existing Community
Disability Section Business Meeting
Health Impact Assessment (organized jointly with the Public Health Education and Health Promotion section)
Protecting Children from Lead Exposure in Illinois: Perceptions, Barriers, & Lessons Learned
For Transfer
IH Transfer to EPI
Late Breaker Abstracts to be Transferred to Main Program
Late Breaker to Main Program 2
Lifecourse Epidemiology
Molecular & Genetic Epidemiology
Ethics and Violence Prevention
Ethics in Rural Public Health
Ethics of Food
Impact of Predictive Analytics in Health Care and in Law Enforcement Practice
Injury Control and Emergency Health Services
Firearm Violence
Global Injuries
Innovations in Injury Research Methods
Opioids and Other Drugs
Road Safety
Suicide Prevention
Violence Prevention and Control
Maternal and Child Health
Men's Health Caucus
The Role of Men in Preventing Violence Against Women
The Role of Trauma Informed Care in Violence Prevention
OH Student Award Contest
Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Post-Professional Award
Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Pre-Professional Award
Oral Health
Dental Benefit in Medicare/Medicare for All
Dental Payment Innovations and Value-Based Care
Dental Therapy, Collaborative Hygiene Practice, and Other Workforce Innovations
Fluoride: Utilizing Facts for Effective Patient Communication
SDF, Glass Ionomers, and Other Preventive/Therapeutic Agents
Teledentistry/TeleHealth and Other Technological Innovations
Vaping, E-Cigarettes, and Other Substances
Good Abstracts Wait Listed in Hope of an Assignment to a Slot Later.
Hypertension Management Program - CDC Funded (waiting for a possible time/day assignment)
Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH)
Essential workers in SRH
SRH Transferred from Phsw Program
Vision Care
Barriers and Facilitators to Access to Eye Care
Digital Eye Strain across the Lifespan
Economic Burden and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis in Vision and Eye Care
Environmental Impacts on Vision and/or Eye Health
Evidence-Based Policy and Practice in Vision Health and/or Eye Care
Impact of Vision Impairment on Health, Functioning, School and/or Social Participation, and the Environment
Passport to Care for Patients with Diabetes: Interdisciplinary Collaborations Among Health Care Providers, Including Eye Care
Preventing Violence to Persons with Low Vision or Who Are Blind
Rurality, Telemedicine, and Vision and Eye Care
Social Media, Digital Communication, and/or Storytelling in Vision and Eye Health
Translating Eye Health and Treatment Research into Community Health
Violence Experienced By Persons with Low-Vision or Who Are Blind
Vision and Aging
Vision in 2020: The Right to Sight
Vision in Older School-Aged Children and Teenagers
Vision in Young Adults
Young Children's Vision and Eye Care Needs