Troubleshooting Questions/Problems

I clicked a button to go to the next step in submitting an abstract, but the page didn't open. What do I do now?
There are several possible reasons opening of the next page did not occur. The most likely is a poor internet connection.

I don't see my changes or modifications displaying?
Check your browser's cache settings, you may be redisplaying a cached (or saved page). You can see a list of instructions to check and clear browser caches here.

When trying to submit or review an abstract, I get a JavaScript Error. What should I do?
Make sure your browser is set to support JavaScript. To enable it, see our instructions on enabling JavaScript. Most older browsers do not support JavaScript, and if you are using one you will need to upgrade in order to exercise the online abstract review system.

JavaScript errors occur in some browsers when you use the browser's "Back" button. You can get around these errors by backing up even more or by exercising a link in the Control Panel and going through the error-causing step again.

I can't find a way to represent a character I need.
If the character appears on
this list, you can copy and paste the necessary code into your submission. If not, ask for help via e-mail.

I can't paste text from my word processor into the text box.
The problem usually lies with the paste function. Some browsers (AOL, and CompuServe, especially) won't allow pasting in all conventional methods. Try a different method: the browser's Edit - Paste functions, or place the cursor in the entry box, click and hold the right mouse key, then select Paste with the left mouse key, or try placing the cursor in the entry box and using the Ctrl+V keys.

I don't have an e-mail account and I can't submit my abstract without this.
Without an e-mail address, the presenting author cannot be promptly notified of submission, acceptance, or rejection. If the presenter truly has no e-mail address, then enter an e-mail address of one of the other authors.

The system doesn't prompt to the next step.
You have apparently overlooked or ignored a message asking you to fill out the required fields on the existing step page.

Is it possible to include a bulleted or numbered list?
Yes, there a several ways to do so. If you are submitting your abstract by typing or pasting it into the text box, just leave an extra line at the beginning and end of the list and between items. Most recent versions of word processors will allow you to save a document in HTML format; both bulleted and numbered lists are supported by HTML and will generally be preserved as intended if saved from a word processor in that format and then uploaded to us.

I get a message telling me that my abstract text is too long.
To avoid this message, reduce the the number of words to the allowable number.

How will I know if my abstract has been submitted?
After completing your abstract submission, an automatic confirmation email will be issued to the presenter's email address. .

Other Problems? Please call (401) 334-0220 for assistance. Or ask for help by e-mail.