4311.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 8:30 PM-10:00 PM

Preparing Future Rehabilitation Professionals

The challenge of meeting Healthy People 2010's goal of eliminating health disparities between people without and with disabilities will require public health professionals and advocates equipped in with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to tackle this vision. Graduate training programs hence, will be called upon to deliver this training, and develop the resources and vision to our next generation of public health professionals. This session will examine the current status of disability related content and resources available within Graduate programs in the United States, for professional public health, social work and rehabilitation specialists working with people who have disabilities in public health settings. Efforts to reduce health disparities will rely on resources and curricula content which addresses these issues for people with and without disabilities, within core courses and competency training. The presenters in this session will identify the current resources available for use within graduate public health, social work and rehabilitation curricula; discuss the benefits and strategies to cross disciplinary training and identify challenges/barriers for curriculum design and implementation. The session will conclude with challenges for research, policy and practice relative to resource development for disability content within academic curricula
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Presider(s):Susan Gray, BS
8:30 PMHealth, Disability, and Public Health Curriculum: The Role of Disability Content and Resources for Professional Training
Allan R. Meyers, PhD
8:45 PMDisability and public health: An integrated curriculum
Charles E. Drum, JD, PhD, Gloria L. Krahn, MPH, PhD
9:00 PMDisability and Disadvantage: Reducing Health Disparities. The Role of Social Work Curriculum in Professional Training
Elaine T. Jurkowski, MSW, PhD, Patricia Welch, MSSA
9:15 PMDisability awareness through service learning
Kathy M. Kniepmann, MPH, OTR, Carol Brownson, MSPH
9:30 PMChallenges in Curriculum Design and Resource Development for Disability, Public Health and Associated Disciplines
Allan Meyers, PhD, Patricia Welsh, MSSA, Elaine T. Jurkowski, MSW, PhD, David Gray, PhD
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New directions for professional training: Bridging the consumer - professional gap
David Gray, PhD
Sponsor:Disability Forum
Cosponsors:Alternative and Complementary Health Practices; Social Work; Socialist Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA