5316.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 8:30 PM-10:00 PM

Disability Outcomes in the Workplace: Improving Public Health

Work-related injuries and illnesses affect almost one out of every ten American workers each year, resulting in significant costs for workers, employers, and society, and account for over 150 million days of lost work each year. Non-work-related conditions result in a similar disability burden. Recent studies have begun to document the full extent of illness-related effects on the ability to function in the workplace and at home, and the role of employers and medical providers in influencing these outcomes. Attempts to improve employer responses to workers’ illnesses, disability management aspects of medical care, and case management by insurers and others have demonstrated success in decreasing disability, although most efforts have not had adequate scientific validation. In this session, we will explore the magnitude and costs of disability in the workplace, the factors associated with this significant public health burden, and methods of improving disability outcomes. We will present new information, enabling public health professionals to better quantify the costs associated with prolonged disability, and to identify those methods of disability management and prevention that are most successful and generalizable. As those who experience prolonged disability suffer adverse health, social and economic effects, prevention of chronic disability has been recognized as a public health priority
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Presider(s):Glenn Pransky, MD
8:30 PMInjured Workers' Perceptions of Pain and Functional Outcomes after Injury
Linda A Rudolph, MD, MPH, Kathy Dervin
8:45 PMEffects of office ergonomics interventions on worker health and well-being
Michelle M Robertson, PhD, CPE
9:00 PMHow the organization of work affects disability outcomes
Karen S Markel, MA, Karen Roberts, PhD
9:15 PMNew Developments in Disability Prevention in Washington State
Thomas M Wickizer, PHD, MPH, Gary Franklin, MDMPH
9:30 PMOrganizational Predictors of Reduced Work Disability
Benjamin C. Amick III, PhD, Magda Garcia, DrPH, Rochelle Habeck, PhD, Jeffrey Katz, MD
9:45 PMOutcomes measurement in occupational health settings: the contribution of self-reported functional status
Katy L. Benjamin, PhD, Glenn Pransky, MD
Sponsor:Occupational Health and Safety
Cosponsors:Disability Forum; Environment; Epidemiology; Public Health Education and Health Promotion; Public Health Nursing; Social Work; Socialist Caucus; Vision Care Section

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA