4289.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Beyond Viagra: Public Health Perspectives on Sexuality and Aging

Public health often approaches sex and sexuality as the path to unwanted pregnancy or disease or even death. This focus on negative aspects of sexual behavior ignores the positive aspects of sexuality and sexuality's impact on quality of life. The WHO definition of sexual health, for example, includes sexual enjoyment and freedom from fear and shame in addition to freedom from organic disorders as key elements of healthy sexuality (WHO 1975: 41-2). The issue of sexual health for older Americans - or even discussion of sexuality-related morbidities among older Americans - is especially neglected. This panel of invited papers will address gaps in the public health discourse about sexuality by exploring healthy sexuality throughout middle and later life. It will focus on research, education, and policy initiatives; topics will include biology of sexuality and aging, demographic issues of sexuality in this population, sexuality as a component of social relationships, programmatic and educational initiatives in older populations, and the health consequences of sexuality for older adults. The panel will bring together interdisciplinary perspectives on sexuality and its relationship to aging in order to stimulate a full dialogue on these important issues
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Moderator(s):Jennifer S. Hirsch, PhD
Organizer(s):Dina J. Feivelson, MPH
4:30 PMGender and sexuality in later life
Laura M. Carpenter, PhD, Constance A. Nathanson, PhD, Young J. Kim, PhD
4:45 PMIntegrating a Life-Course Focus in Sexuality Research
Diane di Mauro, PhD
5:00 PMPolicies Regarding Sexual Expression in Nursing Homes
Douglas (NMI) Holmes, PhD
5:15 PMSexuality in midlife and beyond: Biological & psychological issues
Stephanie A. Sanders, PhD
5:30 PMThe Public Health and Clinical Significance of Erectile Dysfunction: Results From the Massachusetts Male Aging Study
John B. McKinlay, PhD
Sponsor:Population, Family Planning, and Reproductive Health
Cosponsors:HIV/AIDS SPIG

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA