6006.0: Thursday, November 16, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

Using Medicaid Claims Data for Health Policy and Health Services Research

The Medicaid program provides health care coverage for over 40 million low-income persons in America, at a cost of over $160 billion per year. The program now covers one out of five children, one out of three newborns, and two out of three nursing home residents. Therefore, the program covers a large number of low-income citizens, especially children and pregnant women, who would otherwise be uninsured and who are socioeconomically at high-risk for adverse health outcomes. Medicaid claims provide a rich source of administrative data on health care utilization and expenditures for this high-disparity patient population. Medicaid claims capture payments made not only for outpatient services, ER visits, and hospitalizations, but also for prescription drugs, long-term care, and certain types of medical equipment. This allows the policy analyst or researcher to link certain elements of preventive or primary care to measures of health outcome such as ER visits or hospitalizations. The Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) is funded by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) to assist in increasing the number of new researchers skilled in accessing and using Medicare and Medicaid claims data. This session will present the potential of Medicaid claims data to answer epidemiologic, health services, or health policy questions, with cautions regarding limitations of the data. Examples of simple and complex Medicaid research projects will be presented. Finally, presenters will review the steps a researcher must take to access Medicaid claims data via HCFA's State Medicaid Research Files (SMRFs)
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Organizer(s):George Rust, MD, MPH
Neil Jordan, MS
8:30 AMAccessing and Analyzing Medicaid Data: HCFA’s State Medicaid Research Files (SMRFs)
Neil Jordan, MS
8:45 AMHow to acquire the State Medicaid Research File Data from HCFA
Kelly Merriman, MS, Neil Jordan, MS
9:00 AMMedicaid data research: real-world examples
9:15 AMUnderstanding Medicaid: The population, the program, the payments, and the providers
George Rust, MD, MPH
Sponsor:Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Cosponsors:Epidemiology; Food and Nutrition; Health Administration; Women's Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA