4264.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Health Care Financing Administration 1998/1999 African Americans And Hispanic Health Services Research Grant Program: African American And Hispanic Health Services Issues

This symposium will present and discuss issues regarding the 1998/1999 Hispanic Health Services Research Grant Program. The program focuses on HCFA's research and demonstrations projects related to health care service delivery and financing concerns in the Hispanic American Community. The seven grants sponsor research regarding access, utilization, and quality of services,and activities related to health screening, prevention, and education. The grants also examine quality of care for the elderly, racial disparities, socio-economic differences, and other factors that influence the design and operation of programs that address health care issues affecting Hispanic Americans. Hispanic researchers are pivotal in developing research that will have an impact on the health care of Hispanic Americans. They have the unique expertise, knowledge, reputation, and sensitivity that are important toward addressing the pressing health and health financing issues of this community. The Hispanic Health Services Research Program is designed to increase the participation, promotion, and professional development of Hispanic investigators in health services research. The Hispanic research program is similar to the Historically Black Colleges and University program. It is designed to: 1) assist Hispanic researchers by supporting extramural research in health care capacity development activities for the Hispanic American community; 2) increase the pool of Hispanic American researchers available in carrying out the research, demonstration, and evaluation activities of HCFA; 3) encourage Hispanic researchers to pursue funding at HCFA and other Federal agencies and to submit high quality applications for funding; and 4) promote research that will be aimed at developing a better understanding of health care services issues pertaining to Hispanic Americans
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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Presider(s):Richard, F Bragg, PhD
4:30 PMA Population Based Case Control Study of Ethnic Differences in the Utilization of Elective Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery for Arthritis
Augustin Escalante, PhD
4:45 PMAn Educational Intervention Program to Increase Mammography Screening Among African American Females
Baqar, A Husaini, PhD
5:00 PMElderly African Americans as Intragenerational Caregivers of Aged Persons
Michael, U Mbanaso, PhD
5:15 PMCervical and Breast Cancer Screening for Post-Reproductive Age Hispanic Women Residing Near the U.S. Mexico Border
Francisco, A.R. Garcia, MD, MPH
5:30 PMHispanic Health Services Utilization: Defining and Exploring Disparities
Joseph, R. Betancourt, MD, MPH
5:45 PMMedicaid Managed Care Quality and Costs Among Black and White Adults with Diabetes Mellitus
Robert, M Mayberry, PhD
Sponsor:Gerontological Health
Cosponsors:Community Health Planning and Policy Development; Epidemiology; Health Administration

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