5108.0: Wednesday, November 15, 2000: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Healthy Schools: Emerging Issues for Child Health

On any one day, an estimated 20% of the American population is in a school. But while school personnel often have occupational health and safety protections or recourse through bargaining units to address environmental health and safety threats, children and their parents have none. In 1995 the US GAO reported an 'epidemic' of school indoor air pollution that threatened children's health and learning. In response, US EPA and its national and state partners are pushing a voluntary protocol (Tools for Schools) to fix air quality. In 1999, the US GAO reported on some 2,300 pesticide poisonings at school over a three year period. Presenters will define the emerging issues in school environmental health: progress in the national campaign for cleaner indoor air, the newer occupational heath threats (ergonomics), the proposed reduction in ASHRAE standards that is already affecting some schools, how construction of occupied schools impacts children, and preliminary findings from a new state survey on how school nurses view child/pupil environmental health
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Organizer(s):Claire Barnett
12:30 PMHealthy Schools: Improving IAQ
Leyla Erk McCurdy, MS, Darryl Alexander, CIH, Claire Barnett, MBA
12:50 PMEmerging Occupational Issues For Schools
Darryl Alexander, CIH
1:10 PMEmerging Issues and Advocacy for Healthy Schools
Claire Barnett, BA, MBA
1:30 PMASHRAE: Changing Standards?
Hal Levin
Cosponsors:Epidemiology; School Health Education and Services

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