3236.0: Monday, November 13, 2000: 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Taking Aim at Racial and Income Disparities in Mammography Screening: The North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program's and other Community-Based Approaches

The North Carolina Breast Cancer Screening Program (NC-BCSP) is a community-based, controlled trial founded in 1993 to promote mammography among African American women in five eastern NC counties. Following the socio-ecological framework, NC-BCSP targets women through their social networks and community institutions. A series of five presentations describe outcome results, as well as process evaluation reports by program planners, volunteer and paid outreach workers, and breast cancer survivors who directly contribute to NC-BCSP efforts to increase mammography use.Other Community-based efforts from other states will be described as well. Other Outcome analysis uses a random sample of 801 women (391 Black; 408 White). The intervention was associated with a reduction in the racial gap in current mammography use from 27% at baseline to 16% at follow-up (p=0.002). Among lower income women (annual income <$12,000) the gap was reduced from 18% to 1% (p=.004). The primary intervention strategy is a network of 140 Lay Health Advisors (LHAs) who are local African American women recognized for being "natural helpers." LHA activities are coordinated by paid Community Outreach Specialists (COS), based at local health agencies. The COS effectively links the target community to formal health care systems. A Support Group program tailored to the social context of local African American survivors supplements the LHA network and facilitates dialogue in community about breast cancer and the benefits of earlier detection. Outreach education strategies used by the LHAs, COSs and survivors include a specially designed Beaded Necklace. Widespread dissemination of the necklace across the US has important implications for the development of culturally sensitive health education materials
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Facilitator(s):Eugenia Eng
Jo Anne L. Earp
7:00 PMClosing the Black-White gap in mammography use
Jo Anne L. Earp, ScD, Garth Rauscher, MPH, Michael S. O'Malley, PhD
7:12 PMCommunity Outreach Specialists: An integral component of a successful community-based natural helper program
Linda Mayne, PhD, Eva B. Hill, BSW, Lucille Bazemore, MEd, Eugenia Eng, DrPH, Jo Anne L. Earp, ScD
7:24 PMLessons learned from the diffusion of the beaded necklace for breast health education
Jamie Newman, BS, Jo Anne L. Earp, ScD, Erin N. Kobetz, MPH, Alexis Moore, MPH
7:36 PMMake Today Count: NC-BCSP's self-help groups for African American breast cancer survivors
Bernice McElrath, BA, Doris James, BA, Ellen D. Smolker, MPH, Eugenia Eng, DrPH, Erin Kobetz, MPH, Jo Anne L. Earp, ScD
7:48 PMNC-BCSP's LHA network: Making inroads to increase breast cancer screening
Eva B. Hill, BSW, Eugenia Eng, DrPH, Lucille Bazemore, MEd, Georgia O'Pharrow, BA, Linda Mayne, PhD, Jo Anne L. Earp, ScD
8:00 PMA community-based physician intervention to improve breast cancer screening: Strategy and outcome
Dorothy S. Lane, MD, MPH, Catherine R. Messina, PhD, Roger Grimson, PhD
8:12 PMA Local Health Jurisdiction's Public Health Response to the Breast Cancer Epidemic
Félix Aguilar, MD, MPH, Darryl Sexton, MD, Angela Corón
8:24 PMBoston's Crusade Against Cancer
Janet McGrail, RN
8:36 PMHow to provide your constituency with a "Campaign Against Breast Cancer" with minimal resources
Ruth L. Clay, MPH
8:48 PMIntegrating evaluation into a community cancer control program
Sara L. Morgan, Carol E. Rheaume, MSPH, John R. Ureda, DrPH, Belinda M. Reininger, DrPH
9:00 PMMaking the pieces fit: Enhancing a women's cancer screening program through inter-organization collaboration
Sara L. Morgan, Stacy A. Nash, CHES, John R. Ureda, DrPH, Kristin O. Kopes, MSW
Sponsor:Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Cosponsors:Epidemiology; Latino Caucus; Socialist Caucus; Women's Caucus

The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA