4284.1: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 4:30 PM-6:00 PM

Mental Health Roundtable: Current Issues in Mental Health Research and Advocacy

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Part 1 
Table 1Theoretical perspectives in consumer-operated services for persons with severe mental illness
Gregory B. Teague, PhD, Sally Clay, Richard Beaulaurier, PhD, Dianne Cote, MEd
Table 2Consumer progress notes: a research and clinical tool
Katherine G. Levine, MSW, Donald Hallcom, MSS, Neil Pessin, PHD
Part 2 
Table 1Farm partners: Reaching out to meet the mental health needs of the farm community
Christine M. Townsend, BA, Joseph Phillips, MSW, Susan Ackerman, RN, BSN, Tara Erb, MS, Jane Boyd, RN, BS, COHN, Alice King-Ingham, MSW, John J. May, MD
Table 2The Church as a Prevention Change Agent
Mary S. Sutherland, EdD, MPH, Greogory J. Harris, MASS
Table 3Mental disorders prevention and the clergy
Glen Milstein, PhD, Martha L. Bruce, PhD, MPH
Part 3 
Table 1Developing an Infant,Toddler and Preschool Mental Health Service in a public setting
Harry Wright, MD, MBA, Michael Cuccaro, PhD, Tami Leonhardt, PhD
Table 2Federal policy impact on the organization and financing of behavioral health services for children from birth to six years of age
Doreen A. Cavanaugh, PhD, John Lippitt, MMHS, MS, Otrude Moyo, MSW
Part 4 
Table 1Use of the survey method in a mixed method study of behavioral health managed care for children
Mary Armstrong, MSW
Table 2Using backwards mapping to study collaboration in systems of care
Mary Evans, PhD
Table 3An overview and description of methods for measuring fidelity to children's mental health intervention in field-based studies
Krista Kutash, PhD
Part 5 
Table 1Psychiatric rehabilitation plus medication reduces relapse best if sustained
Martin Gittelman, PhD, Zebulon Taintor, MD
Table 2Research leading to institutionalization of HIV prevention as a case management strategy
John A. Encandela, PhD, Wynne S. Korr, PhD, Gary F. Koeske, PhD, W. Dean Klinkenberg, PhD, Laura L. Otto-Salaj, PhD, Anthony J. Silvestre, LSW, PhD, Eric R. Wright, PhD
Part 6 
Table 1A Wellness Program for Persons with Major Mental Illness
David S. Weed, PsyD
Table 2Mental health recovery from the perspectives of consumer/survivors
Douglas H. Dornan, MS, Chip J. Felton, MSW, Sharon E. Carpinello, RN, PhD
Part 7 
Table 1Children's Rights to Effective Mental Health Care for Education: A View of the Interface Between Law, Health and Organizational Change
Richard J. Behenna, MPH
Part 8 
Table 1Putting Prevention into Practice
Shalini Madan-Benson, Sheppard Kellam, MD, Gail Ritchie, MSW
The following abstracts have been withdrawn by the authors:
Is for-profit better than not-for profit managed mental health care?
Zebulon Taintor, MD, Ronald Manderscheid, PhD, Billy E. Jones, MD
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