4005.0: Tuesday, November 14, 2000: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM

International Tobacco Control Poster Session

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Learning Objectives: Refer to the individual abstracts for learning objectives
Board 1Media Advocacy:Innovative Methods of Global Tobacco Control
Sean P David, MD, SM
Board 2Combined synthetic/regression estimation of youth smoking behaviors in Canada
Anita Koushik, MSc, William Pickett, PhD, Taron Faelker, MSc, K. Stephen Brown, PhD
Megumi Noami, Toshitaka Nakahara, Kazuaki Miyagishima, Kazunari Satomura, Sachiyo Noami, Takehiko Sakurami
Board 4Globalization of tobacco industry tactics as exemplified in Switzerland
Chung-Yol Lee, MD, Stanton A. Glantz, PhD
Board 5How do municipalities fight against tobacco problems in Japan?
Sachiyo Noami, Toshitaka Nakahara, Kazunari Satomura, Megumi Noami, Kazuaki Miyagishima, Takehiko Sakurami
Board 6Prevalence of Cigarette Smoking Among Secondary School Students--Budapest, Hungary, 1999
Alyssa N. Easton, PhD, MPH, Donald Sharp, MD, DTM&H, Mary Agocs, MD, MSc, Wick Warren, PhD, Curtis Blanton, MS, Eva Kiss, MD, Erzsebet Vegh, MD, Katalin Lun, MD
Board 7Smoking Behavior of Baskent University Students and Determinants of Smoking Status
Hediye Seval Akgün, MD, PhD, Adnan Kisa, PhD
Board 8Stages of smoking acquisition of young Taiwanese adolescents
Huey-Shys Chen, PhD, RN, Mealnie S. Percy, PhD, RN, Sharon D. Horner, PhD, RN
Board 9Tobacco control policies, newspaper coverage and smoking: A Canadian experience
Nicole Dedobbeleer, ScD, Contandriopoulos André-Pierre, PhD, Sylvie Desjardins, MSc, François Béland, PhD, Adrian Manuella, MSc
Board 10Warning label wars: The proposed new Israeli cigarette warning labels and the attribution dilemma
Nurit Guttman, PhD, Yair Amikam, Hanna Peleg, MA, Boaz Lev, MD, MPA
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The 128th Annual Meeting of APHA